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Biblical Tours with a Personal Pastoral Touch.”  Life-changing Israel tours led by Dr. John DeLancey, pastor, teacher, and author of the book, Devotional Treasures from the Holy Land.


Thank you for visiting the web site. If you are searching for a Christian, evangelical, rock-solid Bible-believing, in-depth, pastor/teacher led, personal, and life-changing tour to Israel, I feel humbled and honored that you found the ministry of Biblical Israel Tours.  (UPDATE:  The October-November 2015 Study Tour of Israel was the most recent tour.  We had a wonderful & life-transforming time, with absolutely no safety issues.  You can follow the day-to-day experiences of this current trip HERE.)

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“We could not have chosen a better tour.  It was an amazing and wonderful spiritual journey” (Tom & Marsha, NC)

As a former one-year archaeology and historical geography student in Jerusalem, and leader of 42 Israel Holyland tours and 5 Greece & Turkey trips, I’m excited to offer numerous in-depth upcoming trips to Israel and Greece in 2016 and 2017!

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Sea of Galilee from Mt. of Beatitudes
Mt. of Olives
Dr. DeLancey on steps of Siloam Pool
Old City of Jerusalem
Sunrise on the Sea of Galilee
The walls of Jericho
Boat ride on Sea of Galilee
Treasury Building in Petra
Synagogue at Capernaum
Baptism in the Jordan River
The city of Nazareth
Mediterranean Sea at Caesarea
Prayers at Western Wall
The cliffs of Engedi
The Temple Mount & Dome of the Rock
The cliffs of Arbel & Sea of Galilee
From the south to the north and places in between, the carefully-planned itinerary for each evangelical Christian in-depth tour of Israel will help you explore many of the stories of the Bible. The itinerary for each trip goes above & beyond the “average Holyland tour.”  You will go to many more “genuinely-biblical” sites vs. “traditional” sites. From the many narratives of the Old Testament to the specific focus on the life and ministry of Jesus, reading the stories of faith and redemption on site will take on a new and exciting meaning as we study the Biblical text in context.  Your heart will be touched too beyond imagination!

Traveling to Israel and other lands of the Bible is a lifetime investment in your “faith walk” with God.  The “Holyland” is His land and You will encounter God in indescribable ways!  

My personal experience was incredible! From the time I signed up for the trip I had such a peace knowing I found the perfect tour for my needs. I couldn’t get enough and am anxiously waiting to return with John for another chapter. Thank you for this incredible experience!!” (Judy, TX)

As God leads and provides, I extend a personal welcome to you in joining me on one of these upcoming Christian Holyland tour and other lands of the Bible!

In Christ alone,

Dr. John DeLancey

Dr. John and Shlomo, our Israeli guide









“Israel trips that unfold the context of the Bible, engage your mind, touch 

your heart, and inspire your walk of faith with Jesus Christ!”