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A Word of Welcome

Biblical Israel Ministries & ToursShalom! Thank you so much for visiting our web site. We are both humbled and grateful. We are an evangelical non-profit ministry that is dedicated and committed to offering two primary things:

  • We offer unique, in-depth, highly biblical tours to Israel (& other lands of the Bible)
  • We offer unique & life-transforming biblical teaching that focuses upon learning the Bible in the context of the land of Israel.

Unique, In-depth & Highly Biblical Israel Tours

If you are searching for a life-changing Israel tour, we believe you have found the right ministry. All of our trips are led by Dr. John DeLancey. He serves as the Director of Biblical Israel Ministries & Tours. He is a pastor, teacher, leader of 61 previous Israel Tours, and author of the book, Devotional Treasures from the Holy Land. You will gain great insights from his experience as a former one-year archaeology student in Jerusalem and one who has excavated at five biblical sites in Israel.

Biblical israel ToursOur Unique Israel Itineraries

The itinerary of each and every Israel tour is personally planned by Dr. DeLancey. From the south to the north and places in between, the carefully-scheduled itinerary for each Christian Israel tour will help you explore many of the stories of the Bible. As a result, what makes us unique is that every trip to Israel we offer has an itinerary that goes above & beyond the “average Holyland tour.” You will go to many more “genuinely-biblical” sites (and many off-the-beaten-path sites) vs. “traditional” sites and churches visited by many “touristy” Israel tours.

From the many narratives of the Old Testament to the specific focus on the life and ministry of Jesus, reading the stories of faith and redemption on site will take on a new and exciting meaning as we unfold the stories of the Bible in context. Most of all, the life of Christ will come to life in special ways!

Life-Changing Impact

Jerusalem from the Mt. of Olives

Jerusalem (from the Mt. of Olives)

Simply put, each Israel tour is personal and inspiring that will take your walk of faith to the next level. Each Israel trip is designed to be both informational and formational. Truly, every Israel trip really is the ultimate discipleship program that will transform your spiritual walk with God! Your heart will be touched too beyond imagination! Additionally, your excitement for reading God’s Word will reach new heights! Simply put, a trip to Israel and other lands of the Bible is a lifetime investment in your “faith walk” with God. You will never be the same!

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Teaching the Bible in the Context of the Land of Israel.

What we do best is help people “connect the dots” between the Bible and the ancient world and land of Israel. We firmly believe that in order to understand the Bible in the fullest and most meaningful ways, one has to learn the Bible in the context of the geography, customs, and culture of the ancient world of the Bible. This especially applies with appreciating the life and ministry of Jesus!!

“Bringing the Bible to Life – Physical Settings of the Bible” Teaching Seminars!

Physical Settings of the Bible PosterIf you are searching for an incredible teaching experience and discipleship encounter for your church (or conference, school, or retreat), then consider hosting a “Bringing the Bible to Life – Physical Settings of the Bible” (BBL) seminar for your congregation! These seminars are essentially an eye-opening “pictorial Bible study” that brings the land of Israel directly to you! It’s like bringing an Israel tour to your church or gathering! God’s Word will come alive in “3-D color” and will excite you about your faith!

Each BBL seminar is geared for all ages and offers unique teaching sessions. These sessions includes learning the Bible in the context of the historical geography of Israel, Biblical archaeology, the customs and culture of of the Bible, and the Hebraic background of the life and ministry of Jesus. About six hours of teaching are included in each seminar. Most churches schedule these PSB seminars for an all-church weekend event. Know that BBL seminars are available for not only churches, but also for Bible conferences, pastor’s gatherings, Christian schools, retreats, and Bible camps too!

Our Director/Teacher

Dr. DeLancey, Director of Biblical Israel Ministries & Tours, serves as the primary seminar presenter of every teaching PSB seminar. He teaches (and preaches) throughout the country. His expertise and passion is to teach the Bible in the context of the “playing board”  – e.g. the actual physical land of the Bible. He carefully uses cutting-edge multi-media (e.g. Power Point, video, and aerials) in his teaching and blends each of the sessions into an engaging and unique learning experience for all ages!

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BIMT Ministry Updates:

  • Biblical Israel Ministries & Tours is an official “501c3” non-profit/tax exempt ministry. We are a support-based ministry. All financial gifts are tax-deductible and will go towards the expansion of our teaching ministry! If you feel led by God to be a supporter and team partner of our ministry, go HERE. Learn about our “Nehemiah 6:15 Project” and how to become a “Wall or City Builder” for 2018!
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    • The May, 2018 Israel was an extensive 14 day all-israel tour. To see a summary of this Israel trip, go HERE.
  • Free: Our “App” for smart phones, iPads, and Tablets is available! Simply type in “Biblical Israel Tours” in the search bar of the App Store on your phone or tablet (the App runs on both IOS and Android systems). It’s the easiest way to view our teaching videos or “site summaries.”
  • Check out our Israel Teaching Video Page HERE! (they can also be seen on our free phone app!)
  • Imagine Tours & Travel arranges all of our trips to Israel and other lands of the Bible for us. They are a Christian business and are the very best in specializing in Israel travel. Their phone number is 863-709-9208. Their web site is www.ittworld.com