A nice sunrise awaited us on this third and last morning in Tiberias. After breakfast we checked out, loaded the bus, and departed by 7:30 for Nazareth. Driving through this home town of Jesus, we headed to the precipice of the city where we read from Luke 1 and 4. The view of Nazareth and the Jezreel Valley was very good. We saw Mt. Tabor, the Hill of Moreh, and the Carmel Range from here. Next, we crossed “The Valley” as the Israelis call it (Jezreel) to the Old Testament site of Megiddo. Here, we saw both Canaanite and Solomonic gates, store houses, stables, a large grain bin, and an impressive water system/tunnel that we walked through. From here we drove to Mt. Carmel to a Carmelite monastery called Muhraqa. The view of the Jezreel Valley from this vantage point was excellent. We read the Elijah/Baal story from 1 Kings 18.

Following lunch at another Druze place on Carmel, we drove to the Sharon/Coastal Plain to Caesarea, Herod’s impressive port city on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. We read from Acts 10, 12, and 26 about the stories of Cornelius, Peter, Herod, and Paul. We visited the theater before walking across the hippodrome. Entering into the Crusader part of the city, we enjoyed a coffee break overlooking Herod’s famous harbor. Finally, we visited the aqueduct along the beautiful shores of the Med Sea.

It took about 1.5 hours to drive to Jerusalem, our destination for the next 4 days. Arriving at our hotel in West Jerusalem (the Dan Boutique), we enjoyed dinner together, followed by our first optional walk into the Old City and specifically to the Western Wall. We all are looking forward to seeing Jerusalem these next few days!

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