Departing once again at 7:30, we headed north to the Golan Heights. Our first stop was Dan. With a few sprinkles on the way, we were ready for this walk along Israel’s most green area. Here we saw one of the three headwaters of the Jordan River. From Dan’s high place, we also were able to look into Lebanon. We also admired a 18th BC Canaanite gate and the Israelite city where an inscription of the “House of David” within the gate structure. Close by was Caesarea Philippi, where Jesus asked His disciples, “Who do you say I am?” (Mt. 16). The ruins here are Roman, and represent a pagan city. Before lunch, we headed to Nimrod, a Crusader castle from the 12th century AD. We enjoyed exploring the secret passages and were impressed by the castle’s size. Control of the castle traded back and forth between the Crusaders and the Muslims.

Following lunch in a Druze village, we continued east to Bental, a old military site captured in the 1967 war and used in the 1973 war. Before the the next band of rain came, we had a clear view into Quneitra, Syria. From here we headed back towards the Sea of Galilee, first stopping at an olive oil factory where some bought olive oil for cooking as well as soaps and lotions. Close by was the Talmudic village of Qatzrin.  Here we saw a reconstructed Jewish house, something like the type Jesus would have known.  Our last stop of the day was marvelous. Enjoying the site of Bethsaida all to ourselves, we watched the sun set over the lake while reading the story of the Feeding of the 5,000 from Luke 9.

We returned to our hotel in Tiberias for dinner. A few of us enjoyed an optional walk around Tiberias. We are excited to be in Jerusalem tomorrow night!

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