Jerusalem_aerial_from_seLike many of you probably did, I watched the “ball” drop on New Year’s Eve.  No, I wasn’t physically there in New York City, and yes, it was much better to be with my family in the quietness of our living room.  Pondering the new opportunities to serve God and others in 2013, the evening made me pause once again to pray for God’s leading for my family, the church I serve, and the expanding “Israel ministry” I humbly, with God’s guidance, am pursuing.
Making New Year’s resolutions are also part of turning in the old calendar for a new one.  Many resolutions can be short-lived and rather shallow.  Other resolutions can elevate to “Bucket List” status, particularly when such resolutions are more substantial and significant to a Christian’s walk of faith.  For those who want 2013 to be a year of excelling and deepening their faith in Christ, I can think of no better  “Bucket List” pursuit than a life-changing trip to Israel!
God has given me opportunities to lead no less than 6 tours in 2013, including a March 11-20 Tour to Greece & Turkey.  I am very excited about this! However, I’m even more excited for those God leads to be part of these life-transforming trips.  I continue to hear from people who have joined me on previous trips who still are gleaning the experiences of seeing Israel firsthand.  In fact, just a few days ago, I received a Christmas card from a lady who was part of the June, 2012 Israel trip.  She said, “Thank you for providing a wonderful experience in Israel. Since our return, I have found nearly a daily reason to recall an event, a place, or a bit of insight from our travels.”  Such comments like this are not unusual at all.  Such comments humble me and bring joy to my heart.  This is why I hope people looking to add depth and width to their faith will consider joining me (or re-joining me for a second trip) on one of my scheduled life-changing tours in 2013!
Capernaum_area_aerial_from_southeastYou can find a listing of all the tours I am leading in 2013 in the information shared on my web site          (  My next Israel trip is April 7-17, a 11 Day Israel Tour, with an option to Jordan and southern Israel.  There still are openings for this next trip, but the deadline for signing up is February 8th.  This will be my 25th Israel tour!  Even following the issues with Gaza back in November, 2012, tour groups from the US and from all over the world continue to travel to Israel in record numbers, returning with glowing reports!  But don’t just take my word for it.  My travel agency, imagine Tours & Travel, have produced short video clips of people who joyfully share their own experiences (click HERE to see and hear their personal testimonies).
So is an Israel tour on YOUR Bucket List” in 2013?  I hope it is!  Just maybe God is leading you to put a “check” next to “Israel Tour” on your Bucket List.  Please know that I would be humbled to have you join me for one of the tours I will be leading.  As always, please call or email me if you have any questions at all.
Happy New Year and may God be your source of encouragement and joy in 2013!
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