JerusalemWhat a trip this was!  God brought together 22 people from all over the country, and even including a wonderful family from Australia!  The days we spent together were much more than simply “site-seeing.”  As very tour is, it was a life-changing journey!  We were blessed with fantastic weather and a wonderful group!  We had many, many moments each day that opened our eyes to the world, culture, and context of the Bible.  We also had daily moments that touched our heart and inspired us in our faith!

Hands down, traveling to Israel and seeing the Bible unfold in dramatic fashion is the greatest discipleship encounter a believer in Christ can experience!  Personally, it is humbling once again to have led an amazing life-journey with people whose lives will be changed forever!  Seeing Israel up-close and personal is not only safe, but rewarding in so many ways.  There is so much a take in In the words of the president and owner of our amazing Christian tour agency (imagine Tours & Travel), experiencing Israel first-hand is like “drinking water from a fire-hidrant.”   Truth is, there is so very much to absorb, learn, and encounter over nearly two weeks in Israel that it is difficult to drink it all in.  This is a good thing, because when people get home and process the trip themselves, a trip to Israel only begins an amazing journey of understanding the Bible in its context.

IMG_1851A trip to Israel is also so much fun.  This past group was once again a wonderful blend of wonderful believers.  From day one, we found our affinity in our relationship with Christ.  Our new “traveling family” will be cherished for a long time!

Additionally, there is never any worries over safety (it’s hard to convey this because of how the “news” operates today).  I literally feel so very saddened for anyone who doesn’t come to Israel with us because of the perceived safety factor.  It’s still far more safe to be in Israel than to drive your car in your local neighborhood.

IMG_1846Being in Israel also allows us to see the culture of modern Israel and to understand the challenges this tiny nation faces.  On on free day, it’s so fun to simply “people-watch,” particularly in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City.  Some of the pictures in this post captures the joy of Jewish people living in the land they love, living in the land God gave them!

So consider joining me for an upcoming tour.  Don’t be afraid for your safety!  Step out in faith and experience a life-transforming journey of your walk of faith!  I look forward to sharing my personal friendship and ministry with you!

With blessings in Yeshua!

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