IMG_1846One of the most interesting and fun things to do in Jerusalem (especially on our free day), is “people watch” in the Jewish Quarter.  The diversity of people one sees is enjoyable.  From standing at the Western Wall or sitting in the Jewish Quarter during lunch always provides the very best opportunities to watch people.

IMG_1627Many of the people who pass by the Jewish Quarter actually live there.  The exception may be Mondays and Thursdays when a string of families from all over Israel (as well as from New York and Florida) who pass through while celebrating the Bar Mitzvah of a 13 year old.  These celebrations are particularly fun because of the small band of musicians who accompany the honored teen and his family.  Lots of happy noise fills the entire area.

IMG_1889People watching also causes to surface within me all kinds of questions too, like “I wonder where they live and where they are going?”  or “I wonder what kind of a day he or she is having?” or “I wonder why this person is passing by with a smile, while another person looks sad?”  Some people who pass by are old.  Others are just small Jewish kids who probably just got out of school for the day.

More significant questions that also surface include, “I wonder what his Orthodox faith means to him?” or “I wonder how many kids she has?” or “Will those little Jewish kids ever hear about the loving message of Jesus?”  In this respect, people watching can be a rather sad venture since the majority of the Jewish community in Israel are still waiting for the Messiah rather than accepting the Yeshua of the Bible as the Savior of the world!

IMG_1628For sure, people watching is an eye-opening experience, especially while enjoying a chocolate Magnum Bar at the same time!

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