Tel Abel Beit Maacah (lighter colored hill in foreground)

The first day of the Abel Beit Maacah excavation begins tomorrow!  We’ve had a great three days exploring sites “off the beaten path.”  We have been assigned to help in opening a new area (“Area C”).  It will be exciting to begin the dig.

Personally, I have not excavated for 32 years since back in the days when I was an archaeology / historical geography student in Jerusalem (1981-82).  I am looking forward to “touching the Bible” in this unique way once again.  We also look forward to lectures from leading archaeologists and professors about various aspects of archaeology and the Bible.


Tel Abel Beit Maacah

I hope to share a blog entry each day through July 5th.  So I invite you to check out the posting.  Incidentally, the official Facebook site for the dig is HERE.

Stay tuned to the adventure!!

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