Garden Tomb, Jerusalem

Garden Tomb, Jerusalem

This is the last day of the Israel portion of the tour. Magnificent blue skies and perfect temperatures greeted us as we left the hotel for the Garden Tomb. We would be the only group there. We enjoyed a tour around the grounds before visiting the tomb itself. We shared a brief worship & communion service together.

Hezekiah's Tunnel

Hezekiah’s Tunnel

Leaving the Garden Tomb, our next destination was the City of David. Here we saw a brief 3-D movie before touring the excavations. We alluded the stories from 2 Samuel 5, 2 Kings 20, and 2 Chronicles 32 about David, Hezekiah, and the Assyrians. We continued through Warren’s Shaft before descending all the way to the Gihon Spring and the impressive tower that guarded Jerusalem’s water source! It was from here where we entered the waters of Hezekiah’s Tunnel, a 1,720 foot tunnel that brought water into the city. It ends at the Pool of Siloam where we heard the story from John 9.

Most of us then climbed back to the SW corner of the Temple Mount through a recently-excavated “drainage channel” built by Herod. We saw the stones that served as the foundation of the Temple itself! Once we ascended to the Roman street, we saw Robinson’s Arch and many Herodian stones that fell in 70 AD. We ended the tour of this “south-wall excavations” by climbing the very Temple steps. Many stories pertaining to the Temple were shared (Luke 2, John 10, Luke 18, Mark 12 & 13, and Acts 2).

Temple Step, Jerusalem

Temple Step, Jerusalem

The rest of the afternoon as free. Some returned to the hotel while others explored the Old City more. The visibility to the east was amazing!  We could see the hills of Moab and Mt. Nebo from here!  We returned to the hotel where we loaded our luggage and drove to our farewell dinner nearby. Following a great dinner, those not going to Jordan drove to the Ben Gurion Airport for the flight home.

What a great Israel trip this was!


Part of the group will be flying home. The other part will be crossing into Jordan. We plan to visit Mt. Nebo, Medeba, and Macheraus. We then will drive to Petra and spend the night.

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