Petra - "red-rose city"

Petra – “red-rose city”

What a great day it was! The sun was out in brilliant form here in Petra and the temperatures perfect!  We would spend almost 8 hours in the site. After a great breakfast, we left the hotel at 7:45 and walked to the entrance of this “red-rose city.” Mo led the walk through the “Siq” (canyon). It led right to the magnificent Treasury (can anyone say “Indiana Jones?”). This is the most famous tomb of Petra, one of over 600+ tombs.

Petra - "Monastery" tomb

Petra – “Monastery” tomb

Petra was the home of the ancient Nabataeans. The city covered 65 square miles. Everywhere we walked we saw evidence of their presence here. Their focus in life was on the after-life more than anything as displayed by how magnificent their tombs were. From the Treasure we walked to the Roman theater, past the Urn Tomb (and hundreds of others). There is simply so much to see here!

One of our optional walks was to the Monastery, a monumental tomb located on the western edge of Petra. All of us hiked the 850+ steps up. This was an extra 4 mile hike out and back. From the highest point overlooking the Monastery we could look westward into the eastern Negev of Israel.  From here e hiked down to the Roman street and back the same way. Three took up this challenge of another optional hike that ascended up to the High Place.  We thought for sure that a Bedouin was going to take his donkey off the cliff!  Thank goodness, he didn’t.  From here we could see a majority of the site of Petra.

Petra - High Place

Petra – High Place

We all returned in the mid-afternoon to our hotel. Loading our mini-bus, we drove back north to Amman where we had a chance to eat dinner and freshen up a bit before our night flight home.

(It is now 10 p.m. We will be driving soon to the airport. This will be the end of the updates).



We plan fly home from Amman, Jordan via Paris, France. It is a night flight. We arrive back in the States on Saturday afternoon/evening.

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