map-of-israelIsrael is the land of the Bible.  The land provides the context for the stories of the Scriptures.  It is in this land where the “Israel of the ancient past” comes alive in indescribable ways.  To walk where people like Abraham, David, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Hezekiah, the 12 disciples, and Paul walked, there are simply no words that capture the thrill of this.  To sail on a boat on the Sea of Galilee and see the miracles of Jesus unfold before your very eyes, or climb the steps of the Temple and listen to the message of the kingdom as proclaimed by the Master teacher, is life-transforming.  It is an amazing country that brings to life God’s redemptive stories of the past.

But the “Israel of the present” is also amazing.  Israel’s culture, food, technological advances (a world’s leader), and its people (the strength of the country) make Israel a special place. From it’s cities like Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, to the 260 or so kibbutzim (shared communities), and small towns and villages offer a blend of experiences.  Israel’s beautiful beaches on the Med Sea, to the snow-capped mountains of Hermon up north offer a variety of taking in the masterpiece of God’s creation.

Every time I travel to Israel I appreciate something new about this “land between” Africa to the south and Asia & Europe to the north.  Sometime it is a new site I see, or a refreshing sunrise I encounter again.  But it’s always a new person I meet or a new friendship I make that is most special.

Here’s an amazing video that captures the essence of who and what Israel is!

Click HERE.

If Israel is on your bucket list, be sure not to wait too long to experience this amazing country!


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