The Old City of Jerusalem

The Old City of Jerusalem

Jerusalem has been Israel’s capital for 3,000 years.  Ever since the kingdom of David, this city has captured the attention of everyone who has ever visited. But for today’s Israelis, Jerusalem is still their capital, even though the world (including some in our own country) regrettably does not recognize it.  This has to change.

Today, Jerusalem is a city of about 800,000 people.  It is a city open to not only Jews, but Christians and Muslims alike.  It’s a beautiful city in every regard.

This blog is simply an invitation to you to sign a petition.  Through an organization called United with Israel, you can allow your voice to be heard.  This petition seeks to guarantee free and open access to Jerusalem for all peoples and religions. Thank you for helping to preserve freedom and democracy in Israel and throughout the world.

Jerusalem must not be divided.  And the world needs to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish State.

Thank you for signing the petition HERE.

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