Jerusalem, Mt. of OlivesTo see Jerusalem personally is a rewarding spiritual experience that goes beyond description.  The view of the Old City and Temple Mount from the Mt. of Olives is spectacular!  Indeed, Jerusalem is a highlight for most everyone on every single tour I lead.

Living in Jerusalem (in 1981-82) was a wonderful year (I studied at Jerusalem University College, formerly know at IHLS).  Being students, we all were encouraged to “get out and explore” on our own.  So in addition to the many field trips we did together, I took advantage of every opportunity to explore not only the land, but especially Jerusalem.  Many of these times I was either alone or with a friend or two. Sometimes we would check out a new site.  Other times we would just sit and reflect.  It’s during these times when we would realize just how great our God in providing us redemption right here in this glorious city!

To be honest, my view of God changed during my year in Jerusalem.  It wasn’t as though I had an incorrect view of God from my younger days influenced by both my family and church.  However, living in Jerusalem helped expand or broaden my view of who God was. To read about God in the land where it all happened helped my deepen my discovery of who God was.

This song has become one of my favorite “go-to” songs when I forget how great God is.  As the very name and presence of God resided in and over Jerusalem and this land in ancient biblical days, the greatest of God still is on display everywhere we turn.

Enjoy this song, How Great is our God, as performed in Jerusalem.


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