Flash Flood in Judean Desert

Flash Flood in Judean Desert

Flash floods in Israel can take place without warning. They are impressive to see but they are also very dangerous and damaging if you are in the path of one coming your way. I have personally seen flash floods in the Dead Sea area that have overturned buses.  This is how powerful they can potentially be!

Just yesterday, Israel had heavy rains in the Hill Country of Judah and Samaria.  Even though it may not have rained in the Dead Sea area (18 miles east of Jerusalem), the water from the Judean hills made their way through the wadis (valleys) of the Judean Desert.  The flash floods were so horrific that according to an Israel tour bus driver I have used in the past (he texted me an update and pictures), the main (and only) road that follows the shoreline of the Dead Sea was closed for a few hours.  The wadis were overflowing with torrent levels of water flowing violently from the west.

Flash flood Israel 2Remarkably, rainfall yesterday throughout Israel was significant.  According to The Jewish Press, “Throughout the Negev, the average amount of rainfall was approximately three centimeters (1.2 inches). Tel Aviv was close – 2.7 centimeters (a bit over an inch), Haifa had nearly 2 centimeters (almost an inch) and Jerusalem saw four centimeters (about an inch and a half.) In the Golan Heights, about 45 centimeters of rain was measured in some areas (nearly 2 inches).”

But when it does rain this heavily, here is what a flash flood in the Judean Desert looks like:

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