Davids CitadelThis is some of the best Israel video I’ve ever seen.  It captures spectacular perspectives of the land.  Most of this 22 minute footage is time-lapse footage created by Stockfootage.com.  For sure, it’s some of the very best video I’ve seen yet to date!

The video begins with a sunrise shot over the Sea of Galilee from a place called ArbelIn fact, in the very first five seconds, you will see the “stand-alone” carob tree on top of this high cliff located on the NW corner of the lake below.  It is where I used to sleep alone when I was a student in Israel back in the early 80s.  It was underneath this carob tree where I re-proposed to my wife for our 25th anniversary (in fact, if you want to see video of this “re-proposal,” click HERE).  This location and even this tree is still so very special to me!

The video moves from one region of Israel to another, with this amazing time-lapse footage that displays the beauty of the land of Israel.  In the video you will see many of the sites we usually visit on one of my Israel tours.  From the Galilee in the north to the Negev to the south; from the Mediterranean Sea on the western coastline to the Judean Desert to the east… the uniqueness and majesty of the land through a time-lapse perspective is stunning!


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