Tabernacle - Timnah

The Tabernacle Model at Timnah

Today was the last full day of our trip. After breakfast here at our wonderful hotel in Aqaba (and the beautiful Red Sea), we were transported to the Rabin Border in order to re-cross into Israel. The crossing went as normal, with Shlomo and our van meeting us on the other side.

After loading the van, we drove only about 15 miles north to Timnah. This was an ancient city that served as an ancient copper mine for Egyptians here. We enjoyed seeing a full-sized replica of the Tabernacle. The OT dedicates about 50 chapters to the Tabernacle and all its details. We also saw a short movie about the copper mines.

Machtesh Ramon

Machtesh Ramon

After lunch at Yotvata (a dairy kibbutz with green cows HA), we drove north up the Aravah. We then turned on the Negev road that goes through the Desert of Paran. Eventually, this led us through Israel’s “grand canyon” called the Machtesh Ramon. This area is really a geological wonder in many ways.

Continuing into the northern Negev, we stopped at Sde Boker and the grave of David and Paula Ben Gurion. He was Israel’s 1st Prime Minister. As we walked on the trail to see his grave, we saw dozens of ibex (wild goats). The grave also overlooks the Desert of Zin. The 12 spies came up through this region (Numbers 13) on their way to exploring the Hill Country and beyond.


Ibex at Sde Boker

From here we past by Beersheba. This was a city mentioned numerous times in the Bible (Gen. 21, 26, 1 Kings 19). Both Abraham and Jacob made a treaty here.

Driving past Gath (where Goliath was from), we arrived at a wonderful restaurant in Jaffa for dinner. There were more than 15 different dishes served. It was an amazing food. From here we were taken to the airport for our “night-flights” home.

This optional extension to Jordan and southern Israel was both wonderful and fun!


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