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The ministry of Biblical Israel Ministries & Tours has expanded to now include Podcast teachings on various topics related to Israel and the Bible.

Below is a podcast on the Top Archaeological Discoveries in Israel (Part 1)  Part 2 (and both previous & future podcasts) is available on the new BIMT phone app (type in BIMT in the App Store to download this free app for your phone or tablet … IOS & Android!). Using the app is the easiest way to listen to these podcasts.

These podcasts will be weekly teachings on the “Physical Settings of the Bible” topics. This includes biblical archaeology, historical geography, and the culture of the Bible. The overall goal of these podcasts is to make the Bible come alive through an understanding of the context of the world of the Bible.  Podcasts from Israel will also be recorded from time to time.

Listen to this podcast below or on the BIMT phone/tablet app.

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Previous podcasts include the following:

“The Playing Board of the Bible”

“Archaeology & the Bible”

“Context, Context, Context”

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