Hasidic Jew Menachem Herman playing guitar

Hasidic Jew Menachem Herman

There are just some old “rock and roll” tunes that seem to last forever. One of them is the song called Sweet Home Alabama. The three main chords and the beat of the song are not only recognizable, but they are catchy.

So when an ultra-Orthodox / Hasidic Jew named Menachem Herman took this familiar tune and put his different words to it out of a love for Jerusalem, a brand new song was created. The lyrics were actually written by Rabbi Lazer Brody and Steven Gasner.

In the words of Rabbi Brody, “Menachem himself is a music world maverick – rebellious, ideological, passionate and determined. Not easy to pigeonhole. He’s a devoted Jew, a noble role model and an awesome musician with a gift to stir the very soul of any audience. Having performed with top artists globally, he combines his experience and magic on stage and always delivers a stirring and moving performance. Reaching deep for a soulful expression in a troubled world, Menachem’s music, an authentic mix of old and new school, is big on classic rock drama and power, whilst still making room for blues and ethnic styles to shine through. Sweet Home Jerusalem combines concise values and deceptively understated lyrical insight.

Yes, the tune seems a bit “out of place” within Orthodox Judaism, but I have to admit, Mr. Herman captured his love for the eternal capital of Israel very well!

Lynyrd Skynyrd … eat your heart out! 🙂

While this song has been around for a few years now, please enjoy the song:


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