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Moshe at Shorashim (Jewish Quarter of Old City of Jerusalem)

I have a good Orthodox Jewish friend who lives in Jerusalem. His name is Moshe. Along with his brother Dov, they own a shop together in the heart of the Jewish Quarter. The shop is called Shorashim. It is the wonderful shop where everything that is sold has some connection with a reference in the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament). I always take my group to this shop, not necessarily to buy things (although people love to purchase the jewelry and art work), but to listen to Moshe share about his Jewish faith in the context of our Christian faith. The encounter is about understanding one another a little better.

Moshe always tells my groups when we visit his shop some profound statements that I think applies to us as Christians as well. For instance, Moshe says “Obedience opens the door for God to work in your life and lead you by faith.” He also says, “Expect to be surprised by God. If you are not being surprised by Him, you are probably not walking with God.” While I have now heard his “sharing” a few dozen times, Moshe’s heart and love for God is always most evident. While we may differ in terms of how to get to the Father (for us it is through Jesus the Messiah who has already come, see John 14:6), Moshe exhibits a gracious perspective of what his Jewish faith means to him. While most assuredly my personal faith rests upon our Jewish heritage that is now is completed in Christ, I appreciate the teaching Moshe offers and his passion to be “godliness” to everyone around!


Shorashim Shop

Below is a video featuring Moshe. It is entitled, “More Than a Gift Shop” and I thank Lightcatcher Productions for this 16 minute video. I hope it serves to introduce you to Moshe and to help you understand the Jewish perspective. I think this is important so that we begin talking with one another and not simply at one another.

Ultimately, as Isaiah 25 says, the whole earth has a “veil over their eyes” until the Messiah comes (“again the second time” for us Christians, the first time according to the Jewish perspective) and establishes His place on the Temple. It will be then and only then when “every knee will bow and tongue confess” the Messiah as Lord.

More Than a Gift Shop from Lightcatcher Productions on Vimeo.

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