September 2017 Israel Tour – Day 5


Sea of Galilee - Kinneret

The Sea of Galilee from the top of Mt. Arbel

Today was a great day of focusing upon the life and ministry of Jesus around the Sea of Galilee. The day would be another sunny day, with highs around 90. Leaving shortly after 7:30 and reading the kingdom parable from Matthew 13 on the way, we drove to the trailhead that leads to the top of Mt. Arbel. 15 in the group hiked to the top (about a 800 foot climb), while the rest of the group bused around to the western side and walked up a more gentle path to the top from there. The view of this NW corner of the lake below was wonderful!

From here we drove to the southern end of the lake to the place called Yardenit. It was here where 20 reaffirmed their commitment to be followers of Christ in the waters of the Jordan River. It was a special time for all.

Baptism at Yardenit

Baptism in the Jordan River

We returned to the NW corner of the lake and visited Magdala. This was the home of Mary Magdalene. We walked around the 1st century synagogue discovered just a few years ago. No doubt Jesus would have taught from this modest synagogue. We also enjoy a time of devotion and singing in the newly-built chapel.

After lunch, we visited Chorazim. The ruins at this site date to the 3rd century AD. Standing in the synagogue here, we read from Matthew 23 where it mentions the Moses Seat. One was found here. Chorazim (like Bethsaida and Capernaum) was condemned by Jesus (Mt. 11).

Chorazim synagogue

Synagogue at Chorazim

Driving back to our hotel, we visited the museum that houses the famous 1st century wooden boat discovered here in 1986. It was probably a boat like this that the fishermen used in Jesus’ day. Taking our own boat ride from here, we “sailed” for 45 minutes or so along the coastline. We enjoyed a time of worship together. Reading from Mark 4 and Mathew 14 (the two storm narratives), we paused to consider that when we encounter the unexpected “storms of life,” Jesus cares for us!

We ended the day on the Mt. Of Beatitudes. Reading from Matthew 5 (in Hebrew and in English), we considered the kingdom principles that Jesus shared here. Most in the group walked down the path that leads to the shoreline of the lake. We walked in silence, reflecting upon the words Jesus shared in this area.

The view of the Sea of Galilee from the Mt. of Beatitudes

We returned back to our hotel for dinner and a free evening. Some went swimming in the lake and the pool. It was another great day here in Israel!


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