Knosses Crete

The place of Minos at Knosses, Crete

Today was our last full day on the cruise ship. Arriving during the night to the island of Crete (at Heraklion), we disembarked for a tour of Knosses shortly after 7:30 this morning. This island of mountains (the highest one being over 8,000 feet) is connected once again to the missionary work of Paul, for he left Titus here to do ministry (Titus 1:5, he appointed church leaders here). The day would be another sunny one, with highs in the 70s.



The Island of Santorini

These ruins actually date back to around 4,000 BC when the great empire flourished on this island. This means that even during the days of people such as Abraham and Moses, this island civilization was thriving. Here at Knosses we saw the massive Minoan ruins. The Minoans (led by King Minos) were a people-group who lived here from about 2,000 BC (e.g. about the time of Abraham) to 1,450 BC (e.g. or about the time of the Exodus from Egypt). In about 1,450 BC and after an earthquake to the area (including Santorini), the Myceneans (from the Peloponnese region in southern Greece near Corinth) replaced the Minoans unto about 1,100 BC (e.g. the time of the end of the period of the Judges). Among the ruins we saw the palace, the “queen’s apartment,” and the throne room.
Following seeing the ruins of Knossos, we visited the city square of Heraklion for some walking and shopping.

We came back to the ship about noon for lunch.



The view from the top of Santorini

After boarding back on to the ship for lunch, we sailed to one of the most breathtaking islands of Greece –Santorini! Before arriving, we enjoyed a brief time of worship and Communion on the ship. Upon arriving, we took tender boats to get to the shoreline. The primary part of the town of Santorini is located on top of the mountain. To ascend, some took the cable car to the top, while others walked up the “donkey path.” The view from the top was amazing! The combination of the white buildings, the blue roofs, and the panoramic view of this ancient volcano (now underwater) makes this island a favorite destination of many! We enjoyed exploring the shops and the continual picturesque views of there port below. The sunset was marvelous!

Sunset Santorini

Sunset at Santorini

We returned to the ship once again for dinner. Tonight while we sleep we sailed back to Piraeus, the port of Athens.


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