Another BBL Seminar .. .this time in AK!


God has been opening many doors for us to teach our “Bringing the Bible to Life” (BBL) seminars in churches around the country. We are excited for how God is providing these opportunities to teach. Besides leading multiple highly biblical trips to Israel and other Bible lands, this has been a growing and expanding focus of the ministry of Biblical Israel Ministries & Tours.

Last week I had the privilege of being in Madras, OR. Prior to this, BBL seminars have taken place in WI, MN, VA, NC, WA, ID, NE, PA, IN, and TX. This coming weekend I will be teaching in Kotzebau, Alaska. This remote city in the northern part of Alaska is even above Nome and the Bering Strait. The town is only about 3,000 people and is a remote place only accessible by plane.

A “Bringing the Bible to Life” (BBL) seminar is designed to offer churches 7 hours of unique and exciting multi-media teaching of the physical settings of the Bible in the context of the land of Israel. It is a way for us to bring Biblical Israel to your sanctuary or classroom!

BBL Seminar

Each BBL seminar covers the following areas of teaching:

Session I: Introduction – “Physical Settings of the Bible”

Session II: “Connecting the Dots” – Geography of Israel

Session III: Archaeology & the Bible

Session IV: Hebraic Background of the Life & Ministry of Jesus *

Session V: Jerusalem in the Old Testament

Session VI: Jerusalem in the Days of Jesus

Session VII: Manners & Customs of the Bible.

The seminar in Kotzebau will take place on Friday night and Saturday morning. I will also be preaching on Sunday. Be sure to pray that the seminar will be a blessing to many as we bring Israel to this part of the country! Thanks!

If you want to host a BBL seminar for your church, please contact me at  Our teaching schedule is full for the rest of 2018, so we are scheduling for 2019 and beyond!

Parthenon Athens Greece


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