Biblical Israel Ministries & Tours (BIMT) is all about teaching the Bible within the context of the land of Israel. BIMT was created for this specific and unique purpose. It brings us great joy knowing that more and more people are getting excited about the Bible. This is happening on a regular basis as people either travel to Israel with us on one of our study-discipleship tours or as they attend one of our Bringing the Bible to Life seminars. To learn the Bible in its context brings new exciting insights into God’s Word. People are growing deeper in their faith as a result!  Praise God for this! We are humbled to be used of God in these ways!


“Physical Theology”

Borrowing a term shared by a friend of mine, Dr. John Monson (the son of Jim Monson, my professor of Historical Geography at the Institute of Holy Land Studies, now called Jerusalem University College), BIMT teaches “Physical Theology.” Whereas “Systematic Theology” and “Biblical Theology” play an important role in grounding our faith in biblical truth, we think “Physical Theology” does too. The “physical” part of this refers to the unique geographical, geological, cultural, and archaeological settings of Israel. All too often, many try and study the Bible outside of an understanding of these “physical settings” of the land of Israel. Sadly, many do not have access to a resource that teaches the Bible “in context.”

Our goal as a ministry is to begin offering an “live” on-line course that teaches the ‘playing board’ of the Bible. We teach the context of the Bible through biblical archaeology and historical geography of Israel. We hope it helps bring the Bible ‘alive’ for people all over the world!”  – Dr. John
Topography of Israel


The “Playing Board”

This is why we use the concept of a playing board. Think back with me to the first time you learned how to play to game of Monopoly or Chess. One of the first things required in order to know how to play the game was to first become familiar with how the playing board is oriented. Without knowing how the playing board is set up, it would be pretty difficult learning how to play the game well. In the same way, I think you would agree with me that in order to learn the Bible well, we first have to know or at the very least have some level of familiarity with how the playing board of the Bible is oriented. Simply, the primary playing board of the Bible is the unique land of Israel! For those who have traveled with me to Israel before, I love teaching the playing board!


Two On-line Courses via Zoom!

This is why we as a BIMT Board are excited to announce two on-line courses that we will be offering. We will be using the Zoom platform to share this “live” teaching. Zoom provides leading software used by many people teaching webinars of various kinds. We also set up a studio to maximize the quality of the broadcasts we share. Course participants can either download Zoom’s software/application to their computer, phone, or tablet, or simply listen in through any web browser of their choice. Connecting links in a timely manner will be share through our BIMT email list, social media, and on our web site. If you miss a session, a video recording of each session will also be made available. We hope the courses will engage you in the context of Israel, the land of the Bible!

The two initial courses will be:

1. “Biblical Israel: Learning the ‘Playing Board’ of the Bible” Course

This course will essentially be an abbreviated version of our Bringing the Bible to Life weekend teaching seminars that we offer to churches around the country. We will teach things like historical geography, biblical archaeology, customs and culture of the Bible, and the Hebraic background of the life & ministry of Jesus.

2. “Israel Tour Preparation” Course

This course will include some of the material shared in the above course, but will specifically focus on helping prepare people for an Israel tour with us. We feel the more prepared a person can be prior to their trip, the more rewarding the tour will be. This will help with the “information overload” that occurs on trips. 🙂  However, the course will include not only information about the land and the Bible, but also helpful logistical things to know.

I will be the primary presenter for both courses. However, I may bring in quests (e.g. remotely through Zoom) from time to time to also share and add to the conversation. 

So be looking for upcoming announcements when these courses will begin. Whereas both courses will be completely free and will be made open to anyone, specific invitations for our Israel Tour Preparation Course will be shared with each group traveling with me about 50 days prior to departure of their specific trip.

Looking forward to serving you through this new teaching platform!

Pastor John DeLancey


Tel Burna
Southwall Excavations Jerusalem
Sea of Galilee
Elah Valley

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