Today was our first full day here in Greece. The weather was overcast, with light showers in the air throughout most of the morning. However, the clouds broke in the afternoon, with rays of sun peaking through. The high temp for the day  was in the high 60s. It looks like full sun for the next week!


Following a great breakfast at 7 a.m., we landed the bus and departed for Philippi at 8 a.m. We read Philippians 1 as we started this new day. It took us about 2 hours to get to this ancient city visited by Paul on his 2nd mission journey. On the way we stopped at a classic Greek rest stop for cookies, coffee, and pastries.

At Philippi we first visited the river outside the city. It was somewhere along this river where Lydia (from Thyatira) heard and received the kingdom message of Christ from Paul and Silas. She and her household also received Christ and were baptized. At the site itself we saw the theater, the Late Roman basilicas, the forum (marketplace), and the Praetorium (judgement hall). At the traditional ancient prison, we read from Acts 16 about God’s miraculous intervention on behalf of Paul and Silas. Also, the jailor placed his faith in Christ that night. Before leaving the site, we enjoyed lunch here.

“Today was our first full day here in Greece. The site of Philippi was incredible!  Lots of ruins that date to the time of Paul. Reading the stories of Acts here was really special. I can tell this is going to be a great trip!”  -Tour Member-
Philippi Greece John DeLancey


About 9 miles away and located on the shoreline of the northern Aegean Sea is Kavala or ancient Neopolis. Paul sailed into this port following his Macedonian vision at Troas (Acts 16).Today, only the Late Roman aqueduct and the Byzntine fortress can been seen. Outside a Greek Orthodox Church a modern monument is erected honoring Paul’s journey here. Some in the group also enjoyed a few more cookies and ice cream cones here.


From here we returned the same route used in the morning back to Thessaloniki. It took about 2 hours. Back at the hotel, we enjoyed dinner together and a free evening.



Paul and Silas prison, Philippi
Philippi Egnatia
Philippi forum - agora
Kavala Greece

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