A Sneak Peak

Biblical Israel Ministries & Tours (BIMT) is excited to present a trailer/preview of the new drone video project just completed. While there is a lot of  other outstanding professional drone footage of various parts of Israel, we think the compilation of so many biblical sites in this video will make it a unique resource many will want to have. You can watch a 2.5 minute preview below!

The full version features 55 biblical sites from Israel and other sites of interest. It even includes three sites in Jordan! The full version is over 1 hour long. It is a unique resource that connects these sites with the Bible!
We hope to make this video available sometime in August in three formats: DVD form (720 resolution), Thumb Drive (1920 x 1080 resolution), and eventually download from our web site. A “voice-over” version will be made available (with Dr. John providing a narration) as well as a non-voice-over version. Later, individual sites will also be made available for download from our web site.
An announcement will be shared in August when the full version will be made available for purchase! Stay tuned!


The compilation of drone footage of so many biblical sites will make this a unique resource. We hope it helps people connect the Bible with the land of Israel. We are very excited about it!” 
All but some of the Jerusalem drone video was shot by Dr. John DeLancey, Director of Biblical Israel Ministries & Tours. As more sites are droned in the future, a second version of this video will be produced to include new sites and new angles of sites already included. Our goal is to make it better and better in the years to come!
In August you will be able to purchase a copy of Biblical Israel By Air from our web site: www.biblicalisraeltours.com. We also invite you to join one of our upcoming trips as well! Stay tuned for updates too!

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