In this season of “no tours & travel,” I now have a few open dates for our “Bringing the Bible to Life” teaching seminar. If your church would like to host a BBL seminar, please let me know. I’d love to come and bring Israel to you and your church!

Current Open Dates

With the postponement of Israel trips, I now have a few open dates this fall into early winter to come and teach our BBL seminar at your church. These open dates are: Sept 4-6, Sept 11-13, Sept, 18-20 (this is due to my Greece trip being postponed until 2021). If my October Israel trip should need to be postponed (not predicting it but just in case Israel is not yet open to tourism), the weekends of Oct 16-18 and 23-25 would also become open. I am also available to preach on Sunday for you. Most churches utilize me in this way as well. I preach a unique “pictorial message”.
In this “Covid-19” season, if you want to also stream or “Zoom” the BBL seminar out to your church, this is also available!
Most churches who host a BBL seminar schedule it as a church-wide event on Friday night (6:30-9:00) and Saturday morning (8:30 – 1 p.m.) OR as an all-day Saturday event (8:30 – 4:30). It’s your choice!
If you want to snag one of these open dates, it’s “first come first serve” to snag these dates! Contact me at or better yet call me at 412-999-5697.

If you want to schedule a BBL for sometime in 2021, many open dates are available. Again, contact me personally.
Our ‘Bringing the Bible to Life’ teaching seminars is our way as a evangelical ministry to bring Israel directly to churches. We incorporate many of our drone videos into each season. The seminar is almost like a ‘pictorial Bible study.’ You will connect to the Bible in new and exciting ways!”
Dr. John DeLancey

What is a “Bringing the Bible to Life” Seminar?

A BBL seminar is our way to bring Israel right to your church. A BBL seminar includes 7 different sessions/teachings. Each session connects the Bible with the land of Israel in some eye-opening way. We use biblical archaeology, historical geography, and the culture of the Bible to bring to life many of the stories of the Bible! Included in the seminar is an entire session on the Hebraic background of Jesus.
BIMT has waved any set speaking fee for the BBL seminars. Other than providing the cost of transportation and taking up a free-will offering for BIMT, there is no other costs. Go HERE to learn more about the BBL seminar from our BIMT web page.
To reserve your weekend, you will need to complete a registration form and send a $200 deposit (that goes towards travel expenses) to BIMT. You can find that form HERE.
BBL Seminar
BBL Seminar

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