1st Annual “Bringing the Bible to Life” Pastor’s Conference

February 4-6, 2019

at the TBA Church in Lakeland, FL 


This is a biblical conference designed to introduce the context of the land of Israel to pastors and to help them integrate this context into their preaching and teaching of God’s Word!  The conference is a ministry of BIMT!

The cost of the conference is only $79.00



Parthenon Athens Greece

"Life transforming Israel tours & teaching in the context of the land of the Bible"

The Reason for Hosting the Conference:


Much of pastor’s education at the Bible college and seminary levels don’t include an extensive exposure to the physical context of the land of Israel. Regrettably, many pastors are coming out of seminary and entering pastoral church ministry without a solid understanding where most of the stories in the Bible took place. From our perspective, trying to teach the Bible without a good knowledge of the physical settings or layout of the land, the culture, the location of cites and regions, and the topography becomes a challenge. It is much like trying to teach about the battle of Gettysburg without knowing the layout of the land, the hills and valley, and the positions of the southern and northern troops. Even more so, so much is missed in teaching God’s Word without the knowledge of what we like to call the playing board of the Bible.

This is why BIMT is passionate about creating a teaching conference for pastors that highlights the physical settings of Israel. It is our aim  to teach and equip pastors to preach the Bible within a thorough knowledge of there context of the land! Our commitment and desire is to introduce you to the land where it all happened! We believe it is life-changing teaching that will open up the world of the Bible for you!

We also wanted to create an unique and intimate setting for such a conference where, unlike most larger pastoral gatherings, there is personal engagement between the presenters and the pastors. We want you to be able to ask questions on the spot as each session is presented. By the way, this is a very rabbinic way of learning.

We want to also create a new excitement within you as a pastor for the Word of God. As we unfold the world of the Bible through a series of PowerPoint presentations, videos, and even spectacular drone footage from Israel, we hope God uses this short conference to  enthuse you even more about the historicity and truth of God’s Word, especially as the Bible comes alive in 3-D color through our sessions! While the teaching we share will be on par with seminary education (we are going to go deeper than just surface level), we ultimately hope that the conference will be practical for you in helping you to be able to integrate context into your own teaching and preaching.

We look forward to helping you literally walk in the footsteps of people like Abraham, Joshua, David, Isaiah, and Jesus & His disciples! We are going to take you to places in Israel that will help you connect the dots between the ancient world and the Bible! Ultimately, it is our prayer that your heart for service and preaching will be renewed and your excitement for God’s Word will be enhanced!


The Details of the BBL Pastor’s Conference:


This is a unique multi-media conference that will provide a small and intimate setting of learning the Bible in the context of the land of Israel. Through personal instruction and interaction with each presenter, you will encounter the following teaching sessions:

1. Introduction to the Physical Settings of the Bible

2. “Connecting the Dots” – Biblical Geography

3. Biblical Archaeology

4. Hebraic Backgrounds of Jesus

5. Old &  New Testament Jerusalem

6. Customs & Culture of the Bible

7.  “How-to” sessions: These will be sessions aimed to help you revolutionize your teaching and preaching in learning to integrate the context of the Bible. 

We will also enjoy times of worship and prayer together as well. You can register on-line through the link above.


What the registration cost includes:

Complementary copy of Dr. DeLancey’s Devotional Treasures from the Holyland book

Complementary raised topography map of Israel

One meal (lunch on Tuesday) will be provided.


What is not included in the registration cost:

Hotel room. Reservations can be made at one of several local hotels in the Lakeland area. We have a limited number of rooms set aside at the Renaissance Hotel in Lakeland. First come, first serve.

Meals (with the exception of Tuesday’s lunch).


We are intentional in keeping the cost of this conference as low as possible because we want to expose more and more pastors like you to this unique teaching that you can’t find hardly anywhere else. We want to help you learn the context of the Bible!  Come join us!

Our Speakers:

  • Rev. Dr. John DeLancey, Director of  Biblical Israel Ministries & Tours (BIMT).  Pastor John studied in Jerusalem for one year as an  archaeology and historical geography student (1981-82). He has led 61 trips to date. Serving as director of BIMT is now how full-time ministry.
  • Dr. Phil McKinney, Pastor of Discipleship at Fairfax Church of Christ, VA.  Dr. Phil has an incredible way of teaching discipleship. He serves on the BIMT Board and he has led several trips to Israel.
  • Dr. Tom Tribelhorn,  Professor of  Judaic Studies, St. Petersburg Seminary, FL. Dr. Tom has studied in Israel for a few years and has led multiple trips to Israel. He is a leading expert in teaching the Hebraic background of Jesus in the context of Rabbinic Judaism.


Our Schedule:

  • Monday night:  6:30 – 9 p.m.  Teaching session #1 & 2 (by Dr. John), plus Q & A
  • Tuesday morning: . 9 a.m – 11:45 a.m.  Teaching session #3 & “How-to” session (by Dr. Phil), plus Q & A
  • Tuesday 12 noon – 1 p.m.  Lunch (provided) and brief Israel Tour presentation by iTT.
  • Tuesday afternoon: 1:00 – 4:30 p.m.  Teaching session #4 and Dr. Tom’s lecture on Jesus & Rabbinic Judaism, plus Q & A
  • Tuesday night:  7:00 – 9 p.m.  Teaching session #5 (by Dr. John), plus Q & A
  • Wednesday morning:  9 – 11:45 a.m.  “How-to” session (by Dr. Phil) & session #6 (by Dr. John), plus closing words.

Hotel Reservations:

A limited number of rooms have been reserved at two local hotels at a discounted rate. When making your reservation, please use “Biblical Israel Ministries & Tours” to secure your room. Other hotels in the area are also available at various rates.

  • Residence Inn:  $134/night plus taxes
  • Hilton Gardens:  $159/night plus taxes

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