Past Israel Tours with BIMT

We are truly humbled over how many people throughout the last 25+ plus have joined us for and Israel tour (and to other lands of the Bible)! Without fail, God has brought together one wonderful group after another to experience Israel with us! Connections with the Bible have been made, hearts have been touched, and faith has been deepened in the lives of people on each and every tour.

We have diligently preserved all these rich experiences on specific web pages of tours since 2007. Below you will find links to the pages of recent BIMT tours. In addition to a description of daily encounters and teaching, we also display daily pictures. Feel free to use download, save, and use these pictures in any way.


Parthenon Athens Greece

"Life transforming Israel tours & teaching in the context of the land of the Bible"


Engedi is a beautiful oasis on the edge of the Judean Desert and on the west side of the Dead Sea. Springs of water still flow all year around here. The water comes from the Hill Country of Judah as it drains eastward through the limestone and then pops out as a spring. The continual presence of water in the desert was a leading reason why David hid from Saul here in a cave (1 Samuel 24). Engedi is also mentioned in Song of Songs 1 and 2 Chronicles 20.

Engedi is the home of many ibex and coneys (Psalm 104).

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