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Jerusalem city of goldBiblical Israel Ministries & Tours (BIMT) is ultimately about one thing…. molding and transforming lives for Jesus Christ! This happens when we not only lead 100s of people each year on life-changing Israel tours, but also each time we teach the Bible in the context of the land of Israel in churches around the country. It is our prayer that God uses BIMT to help develop disciples of Jesus Christ who are excited about their faith!

lachish pottery

“Yet You, Lord, are our Father. We are the clay; You are the potter.” – Isaiah 64:8).

At virtually every site in Israel you can find ancient pottery sherds.  This is why we love the image that the prophet Isaiah paints, “Yet You, Lord, are our Father. We are the clay; You are the potter.” (Isaiah 64:8).  This ministry is about teaching and leading people to transforming experiences where lives are changed and faith-walks are deepened! God brings this transformation to people’s lives as they engage with God’s Word and begin to “connect the dots” between the Bible and the land. Moreover, it is a powerful experience to especially understand and appreciate the life and ministry of Jesus in the context of the land!


The “Nehemiah 6:15 Project” for 2018 

A Financial Campaign of Biblical Israel Ministries & Tours

On every Israel tour, Jerusalem is one of the biggest highlights. It seems that as we lay our eyes, feet, and hands on the ruins that played such a major role throughout the Bible, it ignites new passion in our own journeys of faith and discipleship. Some of the stone walls we see in Jerusalem today date back to the days of Nehemiah.

A Historical Perspective

Jerusalem in Nehemiah's day

Jerusalem at the time of Nehemiah (445 BC)

According to the book of Nehemiah, rebuilding Jerusalem took a team effort. The people involved had such a unity in their purpose, discipline, and energy, that Jerusalem was rebuilt in a mere 52 days!  Nehemiah 6:15 tells us this concerning the city of Jerusalem:

“So the wall was completed on the

twenty-fifth of Elul, in fifty-two days.”

After the walls were built, Nehemiah then gathered multiples of people (Nehemiah 7) to build houses within the walls and complete the project.  It was a two-fold effort! Following this, the city gathered to listen to Ezra read the Scriptures all morning, followed by a life-changing time of praise and celebration (Nehemiah 8)! Quite simply, Nehemiah and his people relied on God and one another to accomplish the rebuilding of Israel’s capital city. What a remarkable example of God providing for his people!

Biblical Israel Ministries & Tours (BIMT)

“Tours – Teaching – Transformation”
Nehemiah's Walls

The Ophel Excavations in Jerusalem. A few of the lower walls date to the time of Nehemiah


BIMT is about to embark on an expansive “building project” of our own. Now that we are an official evangelical non-profit 501c3 ministry, BIMT is focused on “building” a unique understanding of the Bible into the lives and faiths of the people we reach through weekend seminars and tours to the lands of the Bible. We are all about inspiring life-transformation!  As our mission statement  reflects: “BIMT is dedicated to helping people grow in their journey of faith and in a life-transforming understanding of the Bible by connecting them to the physical settings of Israel and other lands of the Bible.”

Expanding our Ministry

In order to expand our teaching ministry, just like Nehemiah we are trusting God to provide a team of new additional financial supporters to help fund our ministry. We are extremely thankful for and dependent upon those generous individuals who have been supporting us since our ‘launch’ in March 2016. Now we are asking God to provide new team members to provide financial support so that we can bring Biblical teaching in the context of the land of Israel to many more churches all over the country.
We will use this increase in financial support for curriculum development and new teaching materials for weekend seminars in churches here in this country. We are even developing a brand new teaching seminar – “The Setting & Context of the Life & Ministry of Yeshua.” The new funds will also help us to lead more and more people on life-changing trips to the lands of the Bible!

Two Levels of Giving

Nehemiah and his people rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem with God’s help in 52 days ending on the 25th of Elul.  During the 2018 ministry year, our “Nehemiah Project” is about seeking new builders.
Wall Builders” – We are seeking 52 new teammates to give $25/month to the ministry of BIMT. Over the next 12 months, this would mean an increase of $1300/month to help us “build” our ministry.  Can we count on you to help us reach this goal?
City Builders” – We are also seeking 20 new teammates to give $50/month to the ministry of BIMT. Over the next 12 months, this would mean an increase of $1,000/month to help us “build” our ministry.  Can we count on you to help us reach this goal?

How to Give to BIMT

Physical settings of Israel

Learn the “physical settings” of Israel, the land of the Bible!

There are three ways to give:

By Check. You can send your monthly check to Biblical Israel Ministries & Tours, 2426 Rolling Farms Road, Glenshaw, PA 15116 (you can print off the form below, print, and then mail).

Nehemiah 6:15 Giving Form

By PayPal. You can go to our web site ( and give through the “Donate” button located on any page. * Please note that you can use your credit card in the PayPal transaction even if you don’t have a PayPal account. If you choose, you can also set  up automatic monthly donations from your PayPal account or credit card.  By stock gift.  BIMT can now receive financial donations in the form of stock gifts.  Please contact our Director, Dr John DeLancey, for further details.

By Stock Gift. BIMT is now able to receive donations in the form of stock gifts. Please contact our Director, Dr. John DeLancey, for further details.


Our Prayer

Cross at St. Anne's ChurchIt is our prayer that God’s Holy Spirit may inspire you to join our support team! The successful expansion of our ministry is dependent on the generosity of people just like you. Since BIMT is now our very own, official “501c3” non-profit ministry, please know that each financial gift is tax-deductible.

We thank God in advance for how He will provide our needs, so that we can be a part of His work in blessing the discipleship journey of others!

To the glory and honor of Christ Jesus and to the transforming of lives!

On behalf of the Board of Directors of BIMT,

Dr. John DeLancey, Director