Oct-Nov 2017 Egypt-Jordan-Israel Tour Update – Day 12

DAY 12: THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 9: Today was our first day in Jerusalem and it was a good one. The weather was a bit cooler but with very enjoyable partly sunny skies. Temps were in the low 70s. City of David Leaving the hotel around 7:30, we drove directly to the City of David excavations. First, we enjoyed a view and briefing of the area from an observation tower. Looking east we saw the Mt. Of Olives. Looking north was the Temple Mount (the location of the 1st and 2nd temples). Looking south we saw the ancient site of Jerusalem as described by the Bible. Following a short video, we walked down through the excavations. We saw David’s palace (2 Samuel … Continue reading

Hezekiah’s Tunnel Explained

One of the most exciting “adventures” to experience in Jerusalem is to walk through what is known as Hezekiah’s Tunnel. It is also called the Siloah Tunnel

Hezekiah's Tunnel

A cut-away of the City of David revealing the path of Hezekiah’s Tunnel

In a few places, the Bible mentions about the chiseling of this tunnel (2 Kings 19-20, 2 Chr. 32, Isaiah 36-37). In the wider context, in 705 King Sennacherib from Assyria took reign. In preparation for his southern advance, Hezekiah carved out of the bedrock a 1,720 foot tunnel. The purpose for doing so was to allow the waters from the Gihon Spring (the source of water for the City of David) to flow south to the inside part of the city. So with two team of rock cutters starting at opposite ends, the tunnel was carved.

Hezekiah's Tunnel

Hezekiah’s Tunnel in the City of David. The tunnel is 1,720 feet long and was built at the end of the 8th century BC.

We even have an inscription (the Siloam Inscription) that tells us how it was precisely done. This inscription was discovered in 1880 and still today is housed on display in the Istanbul Museum. It describes how the the two teams of rock cutters met in the middle of the tunnel. They literally heard each other’s picks and axes until they broke through. Amazing!

The video below is yet another one that features Dr. Ronnie Reich. He is an Israeli archaeologist who excavated over 10 years at the City of David. He shares some interesting perspectives on the tunnel.

Also, a shorter video was produced by the City of David Foundation.

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