Personal Testimonies from Previous Biblical Israel Tours

The following are actual tour testimonials from people who have traveled on a Christian Israel Tour with Biblical Israel Tours.  Praise be to God for the life-changing experiences that has had such a deep impact in the faith walks of so many!  It is humbling to be part of God’s growth process in the lives of followers of Christ!  Simply put, a Holyland tour to Israel is life-changing!

These un-edited testimonials are divided into two parts:  Recent Testimonies about Tour Experiences, and Recent Testimonies about Safety.


Flowers near Nazareth and Jezreel Valley

Flowers near Nazareth and Jezreel Valley

“My friend Diane and I toured Israel in 2012.  It was an amazing experience and we wanted more!  The tour with Pastor John offered a larger venue of sites and more in-depth background of each site.  The tour was more than I ever imagined.  But first, let me say that I never felt in harm’s way or scared in any way.  Being in Israel is much safer than my home town of Charlotte NC!  Also the tour was very well planned and coordinated for each site visit, hotels, meals, etc.  We were kept well informed of the daily activities and preparations needed.  Also we loved Schlomo as our Israeli guide.  He is a wealth of Israeli and Jewish information and was very patient with all the questions. He plays the flute pretty well too!

My most memorable moments include the water baptism in the Jordan River (Yardenit), the tour of Petra in Jordan (most amazing site), Jerash Roman Ruins, Masada fortress, and always Jerusalem.  The Wailing Wall, the old city shopping, the Mt. of Olives, King David Hotel (on our free time), the Garden Tomb, and many other sites. I loved the view from Mt. Carmel, Mt. Arbel, and Mt. Nebo.  And we got to experience the Sea of Galilee, the Mediterranean Sea, the Dead Sea, and the Red Sea. Wow. The geography of Israel is overwhelmingly beautiful and so diverse.

Pastor John was so right when he said it would be hard to describe the experiences to someone who hasn’t been to Israel.  I cannot find the words to describe how visiting these sites has enriched my life.  I just begin to understand the environment of the Bible, the presence of shepherds and sheep and goats, the efforts to acquire water in an arid climate and desert, the abundance of fruit trees of dates, figs, pomegranates, and the trees of olives, the use of olive oil for fuel and dietary consumption, the carving of olive wood for decorations, the placing of rocks on burial tombs and much more. I loved every aspect of the tour. It is one of those experiences that I will always treasure.”  Sharon (NC, March, 2017)

Garden Tomb

The Garden Tomb, Jerusalem

“I am so happy we found you on your web site. This trip to Israel has been so very special to gain the geographical, geological, historical, and spiritual insight and illumination! To be able to walk and see the places where Jesus grew up and ministered was very precious!  Thank you for your expert coordination and planning as well. I never went to bed hungry! God bless and keep you! With appreciation.”  Marv & Kathy (WA, March, 2017)

“One of my most poignant moments was sitting on the Sea of Galilee. John recounted the story of Jesus going up to the mountain to pray after a long day of teaching. He told His disciples to go on across the Sea. Of course, we know that while in the midst of that body of water in the middle of the night, a terrible storm came up. The disciples felt that surely Jesus knew that would happen and had abandoned them. All the while, Jesus was on the mountain praying for them, and He would come to them at just the right moment – in just the right way . . .the most powerful way. John said, ‘Every one of us, if we are honest, have felt in the middle of our own “storm” that Jesus is far away . . . that He has abandoned us. All along He is waiting . . . praying for us and will come to us at just the right moment.’ One of my sons is in the midst of a “storm” in his life. I loved sending him a picture of the mountains surrounding the Sea and telling the accompanying story.  I knew that that particular moment I was experiencing was for my son.” Carol (KS, March 2017)

“John DeLancey in passionate about sharing his faith and his knowledge of the Holy Land, wanting each one on the tour to come into a closer relationship with Jesus.  God has gifted Dr. DeLancey with energy and enthusiasm to fulfill his role as servant-prophet.  He will surprise you with his talents along the way to make this trip of a lifetime especially enjoyable. Schlomo’s life story is extremely powerful, too, and not to be missed!  Can’t say enough about this adventure!” Carol (WA, March, 2017) 

“This trip to Israel was above and beyond anything I ever expected. As we entered Israeli airspace all the passengers on the plane cheered. I have never experienced that when entering any other country. This is a Holy Land and there is such a connection spiritually that I don’t think I realized before. This journey was such a personal experience and so profoundly impactful. As priceless as this experience is for any believer, having the right leaders is key. For me, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience than the one I had with Pastor John DeLancey and Shlomo as guides with David at the wheel, driving us. Pastor John overflows with a passion for this country and a love for God that is contagious.  You could see his love for God in the way he cared for the people on his tour, with a true Pastor’s heart. Throw in biblical knowledge, knowledge of the land through history and an adventurous spirit and you get a tour experience you don’t want to miss.  I was very pleased with the places we were able to visit and the extra opportunities that were made available for those who wanted to participate in them.  I was also impressed with the way Shlomo shared his heart and his families history with our group. He really broadened our understanding of the Jewish people, taking the time to explain their culture, customs and experiences throughout history and giving us insight into where they are at as a nation today. What I loved most though was when he played the flute for us and how he led us into Jerusalem with a song. My words can’t adequately describe how amazing and life changing this trip was for me or how much I appreciated what John and Shlomo brought into this experience. What I can express is that experiencing Israel in this way has awakened a deeper passion and hunger in me, to read and understand the Bible. It has given me better resources and physical references that continue to bring the Bible to life for me, as I read it. Because I am understanding better, I feel closer to God. Thank you for everything.”  Jennifer (CA, January, 2017)

Siloam Pool

The actual steps of the Pool of Siloam (John 9) in Jerusalem

“John, I would like to take a moment & express to you the spiritual richness of our days together in Israel.  Judith has been to Israel some 9 times and she said this was the very best! As for me, I learned a great deal that will advance my teaching of the Word of God.  Everyday was spiritually rewarding and we thank you so very much! You are an excellent guide and reader of His Word. Thanks…our new Friend in Christ.”  Herman & Judy (January, 2017)

“This was my first visit to Israel and hopefully will not be my last. I could not think of a better group to be with to experience connecting the dots of scripture to Israel’s history and archeology. Pastor DeLancey started each day with scripture, song and prayer with our group of 28.  Our Jewish guide, Schlomo will always be remembered. He has written a book about his life story that we have purchased. He went beyond my expectations in helping us to understand the rich history of the Holyland.”  Judy (September, 2016, WI)

“If you’re looking for an Israel tour that’s not “touristy” and that provides you with what I would call an equivalent of a Bible history, geography, and archaeological class in a Bible college, then a tour with Dr. John DeLancey, Director of Biblical Israel Tours & Ministries, is the tour for you.  His experience in leading close to 50 tours to Israel, studying in Israel, and excavating at biblical sites makes every site you visit come alive with spiritual and educational insights. His Israeli guide, Shlomo ben Asher, with whom he has worked for several years will further add to your experience of understanding the land of Israel with his insights and knowledge of Israel’s biblical and modern history and Jewish life.  Prior to your tour, the tour company Dr. DeLancey uses, Imagine Tours & Travel, will provide you with all the planning information you need to have a trip of a lifetime experience.  I have assisted in leading and also have led several tours to Israel.  My recently concluded tour with Dr. DeLancey was by the far the best one I’ve ever experienced. Check out the tours he is leading this year and next year.  Sign up for one that fits your schedule.  Believe me you won’t be disappointed, you’ll acquire an understanding of Israel not gained by listening to the media, and you will never read the Bible the same way again!” Dr. Dwaine Braddy (May, 2016, Retired professor, NW University, WA)

“Of course when one anticipates a journey like this one to Israel, there are going to be expectations. Every one of mine were met. Far and above what I could even think. Dr. DeLancey’s knowledge and experience and pastor heart made this an exceptional experience for us. Each place we went was enriched by connecting the dots from the site and history and the Bible. Dr. DeLancey did this in a way I have never experienced before. I know my Bible study and reading will never be the same. His knowledge of each site, the connection to the Bible and the archeological finds and insight gave us all an invaluable time that we will never forget. I so appreciated our Israeli guide, Shlomo ben Asher. He was so knowledgeable about all things Israel. And his musical gifts and humor made this such a fun journey all along the way. If anyone wants the best experience they can possible get in going to Israel, I highly recommend Dr. DeLancey and Biblical Israel Ministries and Tours.” Dennis & Linda (May, 2016, WA)

Hezekiah's Tunnel

At the half-way point in Hezekiah’s Tunnel

“I’m so glad I came with you on this tour I learned a lot and see Israel and the bible stories with other eyes. Thank you so much  for all your lessons you thought us and songs we sang in different places. The baptism in the Jordan river  and communion in the garden tomb  stands out in my memory for as long as I live.” Corrie (May, 2016, WA)

“Never in my mind did I ever think I would be able to say “I was in Israel.” Thanks to our church group and the wonderful guidance of Reverend Dr John DeLancey, and Imagine Tours, it was possible. The trip was full of OOHS and AHHHS. Everywhere we went was something “old” but new to our eyes. Being re-baptized in the River Jordan was one of my highlights. Swimming in the Sea of Galilee, one of 5, was another wonderful fun part. Getting up early one morning and watching the sun rise over Jerusalem, worshiping and praying in that time was so special, knowing Jesus did that frequently also made it more special. Getting to know my fellow travel companions that will forever bond us together. Thank you Beth for staying with me on the walk, and everyone else on that walk for your concern about my well-being. Thank you John, Shlomo and David for our safe and wonderful experience. God Bless you all.” Anita (May, 2016, WA)

“For one full year before our May, 2016 trip people would ask me why I was brave enough to fly for 14 hours, and go to Israel of all places.  Safety and flying were on my mind, but God pulled me through with a peace I did not understand, until I got there.   That land is very blessed and rich with His presence.  His people are wonderful and so dedicated to their country.  I never felt safer.  Every experience proved the Bible to be right.  Communion in the Garden Tomb will forever be on my mind.  Music at the various sites will always be in my heart.  I will enjoy future postings to relive this awesome experience. Thank you Pastor John for this life changing blessing.” Lynda (May, 2016, WA)

“This was a wonderful experience for us to walk where Jesus walked to see what Jesus saw. When reading the Bible now makes the words come alive we can see the place in our minds. The tour was great and even more then we expected the interaction with Dr. Delancey , Shlomo and David made the surroundings come alive. We especially remember Mt Beatitudes, Mt of Olives, Garden of Gethsemane Garden tomb. We feel Blessed to have been with this tour group.” Jim & Evie (May, 2016, WA) 

Steps of the Pool of Siloam (John 9)

Steps of the Pool of Siloam (John 9)

“I just have to share that our Israel April 2016 was an amazing trip in so many ways. I’m back to working, saving for another Israel trip! I feel I had the “outline” and the 2nd trip will be more enriching to encountering God. I’ve gone to the website and recall our adventures. From this last whole trip, it is difficult to  simply pick one(good luck with that!) outstanding moment. John and Shomo make a great team of advisors. While being baptized in the Jordan with the group was a privilege; I felt the Holy Spirit at Moshe’s store (proverbs 31 woman picture). I enjoyed the Garden of Gethsemane, looking into Jerusalem. But my pick for favorite would be the communion service at the Garden Tomb. We sang “in Christ Alone”. I wept with tears of gratitude for all the Lord Jesus has done for me. I’ve done many sharing opportunities with my dear, special residents where I work at the nursing home. Assisted Living wants a presentation too. It’s easy to share when you’re passionate about the subject. And Israel is.  Be blessed. Always.” Debbie (April, 2016, MN)

“John, I am so thankful for our recent trip to Israel and Jordan. Your guiding of the trip exceeded my expectations and your pastor’s heart for those on the journey was so evident. One of the favorite parts of the trip for me were all the “optional walks”. The opportunity to hike the land, to see sights that most travelers never see, was a great privilege. To be able to walk and hike the land as those we read of in the Scriptures did, gave such a depth of appreciation for what their everyday life was like. To see, touch, hear and smell the land of Israel, is something that has forever changed the way I approach my study of God’s Word. Thank You for your ministry and your passion for the land and God’s Word. Even though I’ve been to Israel before, I saw things and experienced things on this trip with you, I had never done before. If only all believers could make this same journey, their study of God’s Word would never be the same. Safety was never a concern on our trip, as there was never even a hint of any problems. I felt safer in my travels in Israel than I would in certain parts of the US. I would highly recommend that anyone who desires to change the way they study the Bible sign up for John’s next trip, your life will never be the same!  Thank you!” Pastor Tim Titus (March, 2016, Grace Bible Church, OR)

“While in Jerusalem our group met with Dr. DeLancey’s good friend, Rabbi Moshe who told us, “You didn’t come to change Israel, you came to let Israel change you.”  Never could those words be more true than when thinking about our March tour.  From the first moment we arrived we began feeling the impact of Dr. DeLancey’s deep love for Israel, her people, and the Word of God.  Each day the bible became alive in new and exciting ways. With Shlomo’s incredible knowledge to guide us, and David’s incredible ability to navigate us, we were indeed in good hands!   We appreciated the thoughtfully planned and carried out itinerary which allowed us to investigate sites not always visited by other tours.  Every site explored, every lesson taught, every encounter experienced, left our hearts forever changed.  This is no ordinary tour, this tour is extaordinary.  If you desire the total Israel experience and if you want Israel to change you, this tour with John DeLancey is for you.  We were 48 people who began our journey as strangers and ended our journey as friends.  Thank you Pastor John for an incredible and unforgettable experience.  You are amazing!” Tom and Margo Carlson (March, 2016, NE)

Jordan Mt. Nebo

“Hi John, I wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for the trip.  You did such a great job bringing the bible alive as we visited each of the locations. Gwen and I like to be very active on our trips (we can rest at home!) so one of the reasons we picked your trip was the comment around full days.  This was our first “group” trip and I thought you did a great job allowing anyone to participate on the trip but then giving options for those who wanted to do more.  Also, I agree with your comment that this was a great group. The trip has already had me digging deeper into my daily bible readings as I have seen the locations that goes with the text. As to your question around safety, I have already commented to several people that I felt safer in Israel walking around during both the day and night than I do in many of the major cities in the U.S.  Finally, thanks for coordinating my baptism as doing an immersion baptism was something I have been wanting to do for a while.  

You obviously have a gift for leading these trips and bringing the scripture and locations alive so I know you will be very successful in your new endeavor. Take care.” Renee (March, 2016, TX)

“Pastor John, We cannot say enough good things about our March, 2016 Trip to Israel. We miss you and all the wonderful people we met….and Shlomo and David were the frosting on the cake…. If we could do it again in a couple of months we WOULD—just singing together in the churches is worth the trip….:). Thanks to you and Shlomo for bringing the stories of the Bible, the historical narrative of Israel and the richness of the Bible Lands together into a beautiful whole. It was, and still is, an amazing and wonderful adventure that will take awhile to assimilate! The Israel Tour trip impacted us far more than we could ever have imagined. Thanks again! Until we meet again!” Donald (March, 2016, TX)

“I loved my visit to Israel, and the experience was enhanced by Pastor’s John Delancey’s teaching and good judgment.  John’s encyclopedic knowledge of archaeology provided surprising insights to all the sites we visited.  Our group was tenderly cared for, particularly a couple of people with high personal needs.  We were given thoughtful options of activities that varied according to our stamina and interests.  This was an impressive achievement considering our group varied in age from 32 to 96!  In much thanks to John’s pastoral skills, our group became a family.

In addition to John’s leadership, we also were engaged by delightful local experts from John’s vast network of friends.  I felt immersed in the local culture without ever feeling a threat to our safety.  I will be processing the memories for years, and I certainly hope to return.  I am so very grateful to have experienced Israel under the care of a true professional.” Mike & Laura (January, 2016, KS)

“I recently returned from a wonderful biblical Israel tour with Rev. John and his Israeli guide, Shlomo. They are a terrific team! They helped make the trip not only educational, but also very meaningful from a biblical and spiritual perspective. These tours are much more than simply “seeing the sights.” The tours are focused on how the places and history we see in Israel relate to the message of Scripture and God’s message and plan for each of us. 

I would not hesitate to recommend Biblical Israel Tours and Imagine Travel and hope to go back with a group someday with them as our tour guides. The travel was smooth and safe, the accommodations excellent, and I felt included and encouraged by everyone in our tour group. Thanks Pastor John for this amazing experience and I encourage you as you continue in this wonderful ministry!” Justin (January, 2016, PEI, Canada)

“What an incredible experience! I loved how John connected everything back to Scripture. The Bible really came alive. I highly recommend taking a trip with John DeLancey and Biblical Israel Tours.” Bonnie (October-November, 2015, MN)

Petra“In Israel we visited many sites and John knew just about everything about the sites we were at. He had a lot of experience in Israel and knew his way around. He gave us many options which made it enjoyable for older and younger tourists.” Tim (Oct-November, 2015, MN)

“Our trip with John DeLancey was amazing! John is a great leader who connects all the dots on the playing field. We always knew what region we were in, historical and archaeological facts, and of course the tie to the Scriptures. John was always reviewing where we had been which really helped to cement it in our brains. We went to several off the beaten path sites. We took our Solid Rock School of Discipleship students and they would comment over a lot of the trip that we had Israel to ourselves! John did a great job of bringing together college students, middle aged adults and senior adults in a way that was extremely rewarding to all ages. He integrated hikes that were for everyone and some that were for those who wanted a greater challenge. We also had a wonderful bus driver, David who was lots of fun to connect with. Our Israeli tour guide Shlomo is the best! He gave us so much insight into life in Israel and information about the sites. Shlomo, John and David were an absolutely great team! We couldn’t have been happier with all that our students learned along the way. We look forward to next year’s trip with John and our next class of students!!!” Nancy (October-November, 2015, MN)

“Whether you are on a new spiritual path or enhancing your faith you will not be disappointed with BiblicalIsraelTours and Imagine Tours.  With Dr John Delancey’s knowledge of the Bible and extensive knowledge of archeology along with Shlomo Ben Asher’s incredible detail for Israel’s history you will walk away with a better appreciation for God’s word and Israel.  Dr John’s tours are busy from sunrise to sunset and after if you choose.  Your days are full walking the steps of the Bible and Israel’s historical paths.

From the time you book your trip to the time you arrive home your days are managed thoroughly.  You wont need to wonder what you’ll do next.  Dr. John’s tours are thoughtfully planned out and every detail accounted for.  And the tours are not stiff like some.  John and Shlomo have wonderful sense of humors.  I can’t thank John and Shlomo enough.  They have changed my life. I will definitely book another tour.  If you have any reservations about Israel because of safety concerns please don’t.  I have first hand knowledge of Israel’s safety.  I was welcomed warmly by all with friendly conversation and a smile.  Please do not let the news or public opinions from people who have never been to Israel sway you.  I’ve felt less safe in some cities in America.  Thanks John, Shlomo and ITT you are the best!!” Malinda (September, 2015, CN) 

Hezekiah's Tunnel

Hezekiah’s Tunnel

“As you are aware we chose your tour to accommodate our volunteering schedule with BFP, we soon learned that Yeshua is in control of your tour and it was a divine appointment that we met. We have a great appreciation of Shalomo our guide and David our autobus driver. I’m not sure of the total number of sites we visited but it must have been over 50 in just ten days. The connections you made to the Tanakh and Renewed Testament and the biblical lands are astounding. Grace and I have been on many Israel tours in the past seven years and thought those tours were pretty good; we now know they can’t compare to the preparation and dedication you put into each tour. I especially loved the flexibility to stop along the route and see something you and Shalomo thought we would enjoy seeing. Hiking up and down the same Tels and valleys that Yeshua walked, will be a memory never forgotten. And as we all say, Next year in Jerusalem.” Mickey and Grace (September, 2015, FL)

“The trip was fantastic and far exceeded my hopes and expectations. Thanks for all the time and effort you put into the teaching and the spiritual connections. I loved every minute of it, even the steep mountain climbs. The time spent visiting the archeological sites such as Jericho and Lachish was fascinating, and correlated well with the Biblical Archeology course I had taken last year. I especially enjoyed Masada, the Qumran cave, Mt. Carmel, and the Mt. of Beatitudes. Of course, the Jerusalem sites were wonderful adventures, loved viewing Jerusalem from the Mt. of Olives across the Kidron Valley, the Israel Museum, the City of David, and Hezekiah’s Tunnel. All in all, an unforgettable experience. And never a fear of feeling unsafe, always felt very safe and at home. Thanks again for organizing this trip!” Sharon (September, 2015, PA)

Baptism in Jordan

Baptism in Jordan River

“We just returned from our fourth trip to Israel and we are still in awe of God’s Promised Land.  Each time we’ve gone, we feel God’s peace surrounding us. The Bible literally comes alive as we glean more and more information about the sites throughout Israel. Thank you Pastor John and Shlomo for sharing your wealth of information about the history and biblical importance of each site.” Warren & Susan (September, 2015, NC)

“Hi Pastor John,  I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful time and unforgettable journey in Israel.  I so appreciate your sensitivity and heart towards God and His Spirit. Blessings to you!” Terryne  (September, 2015, VA)

“What a trip!  Leading up to visiting Israel we were excited with anticipation, but boy did it exceed anything we had imagined.  The leadership was outstanding as Pastor John and Israeli tour guide Shlomo complemented each other while they broke down the Jewish culture, past and modern history, biblical connections/application, and geography of Israel at every site.  We were pleasantly surprised with how many sites and artifacts we were shown and how seamlessly our trip was organized, witnessing Pastor John continually trying to improve his tours with new sites and optional hikes.  Throughout the week and a half we were taken well care of.  There was no discomfort in any way as we stayed in very nice hotels, ate great food, and enjoyed a comfortable, air conditioned bus driven by our expert driver, David.  With packed days of touring, we enjoyed restful evenings with optional group meetings, swims, and walks on a few of the nights.  Even though it was the dry, hot, summer season, we enjoyed clear weather to see every site we stopped at, and no other crowds pressuring us to rush through things or stray into our line of sight for pictures.  We also felt safe and secure throughout our travels, allowing us to delve fully into what we were learning and what God was teaching us about Himself.

Besides getting along with our guides, we quickly experienced camaraderie between the rest of our group, which made little things like traveling, eating, and taking pictures fun.  Thank you all for loving on us; we thank God for you and this short time we were able to connect.  And most importantly we thank God as we recognize all the lessons we learned along the way.  He definitely used this trip to reveal new things to us as we learned more about the Bible, God, and ourselves.  Hopefully there are future opportunities to visit again!” Josh, Elise, & Parker (July, 2015, KS)

End of Hezekiah's Tunnel

End of Hezekiah’s Tunnel

“Just wanted to thank you for the great experience we had touring the beautiful country of Israel.  Every detail of the trip was so well planned, we felt we wasted little time. Our ambitious agenda was exactly what we wanted, as who knows if we will ever be privileged enough to return. We so enjoyed the “major sites”, but also appreciated the little known places we visited. Even with our relatively small group, it was nice that we often had options of ways to travel.  Also, the combination of your Biblical and archeological expertise and Shlomo’s Jewish heritage and unique life experiences were a magical combination.  I will never forget hearing Shlomo’s Israeli songs played on the recorder or sung.  

In short, we left enriched spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally. God bless, and if He wills, we may join you on another trip someday!” Rick & Jamie (July, 2015, TX)


Israelite Gate at Qeiyafa, Elah Valley

“Our visit to Israel has been the most meaningful travel experience we have ever had.  We found the insight and context provided by John and Shlomo covering Biblical, Archeological, Historical, as well as personal experience incredibly powerful in bringing the places we visited to life.  The attention to detail that had gone into planning was clearly evident as the flow and ease with which we moved from site to site, our accommodation, meals, and information handed out was so smooth and without any drama. Our accommodation was excellent as was the food.  This was an active tour and we loved that about it and John had extra options up his sleeve that he discussed with us along the way.

Many people had questioned our visiting Israel as an unsafe place to visit, a perception perhaps held by many.  We spent 3 weeks in Israel, 12 days with the DeLancey tour and a further 9 days doing our own thing.  We never felt threatened or even uncomfortable.  What a wonderful place to visit, and visit again.  

John, Kate and I are so appreciative of your accommodating our late inclusion into the July tour.  We had a wonderful time and really missed everyone once the group left us in Jerusalem.  Our families did follow the blog daily and were really grateful for your installments which really included them in our experience.  Thank you for your commitment to doing that.

I believe your ministry brings a smile to God’s face as his people experience the land of the Bible. We are very grateful and blessed to have experienced it ourselves.” Grant & Kate (July, 2015, New Zealand)

“No doubt the trip of a lifetime. The organization of the trip, the sites seen, the tour guides knowledge and even the cost far exceeded my expectations. Anyone looking to travel here needs to use Biblical Isreal Tours. I WILL be back!!” Sabrina (March, 2015, WI)


“Pastor John is extremely knowledgeable on all things Biblical and Israeli and then some! I had a great time re-exploring Israel and seeing new sites plus Jordan with him.” Amy (March 2015, FL)

“The precious privilege of sharing God’s word and seeing His Land, His people and confirmation of Biblical History Old and New Testament is a memory that will come back to us all as we turn the pages of our bibles. To really experience the dust and rocks under our feet as Jesus and His disciples experienced, to walk in the Garden of Gethsemane where our Lord and Savior sweated drops of Blood is a powerful wonder stored in our hearts.  To see the Dome of the Rock that looks so commanding on the hill but knowing this will not always be, to see The Eastern Gate that Jesus King of Kings and Lord of Lords will walk through.  And will be the authority to the world from that Mount, I have no words to describe.

Hearing and knowing the unrest on all borders of Israel and we only felt peace, no fear of turmoil or war. Being in Israel and very aware of the enemies surrounding them has made it so very real the need for our prayers for the TRUE PEACE of Jerusalem which is the return of their/our Lord and Saviour.  This tour that exceeded expectations was also blessed by our wonderful leader and guide.  Pastor John your knowledge of archeology and spiritual understanding Of Gods word is a blessed ministry that God will use for His Purpose. Your leadership and care of our crew is very appreciated.

As for Shlomo, what can we say, such a humble man a privilege to have met and the expounding knowledge he imparted was overwhelming.  Thank you to Shlomo for bearing his raw heart in the holocaust history of his family.  Can still hear his voice come here, again such a reminder as Jesus calls us Come!  You all have left footprints on our heart and memory as we shared our footsteps on the trails of Jesus.” Ken & Maureen (September, 2014, Australia)


“A special thanks to all who made this trip a real blessing to our family.  It certainly was life changing.  Of all the trips we have ever taken, this one was by far the best.” Bernie & Paula (September, 2014, UT)

“Dear Pastor John, Karen and I were especially blessed to have been able to participate in the September 2014 Biblical Holy Land Tour with you and the other members of our group…now considered “extended family”! The bonding was truly remarkable. Your ability to relate scripturally to each of the historical sites we visited; and, your extraordinary back ground in archeology combined to make our experience deeply meaningful and spiritually enriching.  Our reading of the Bible will be influenced by this experience the rest of our lives.  When we read the Word now it is made even more alive by our memory of having walked among so many of those Biblical settings.  Our appreciation for the day-to-day things that Jesus used to make his teachings relevant has been greatly enhanced.  We read His references to everyday things like water or shade with new meaning.  You and Shlomo Ben-Asher, are truly a ‘dynamic duo.’  We listened intently to every word Shlomo had to say with sincere interest.  He is truly exceptional as an engaging teacher and person.

It is important to mention how welcomed we felt while in Israel and Jordan.  Our experience was marked by encounters with people from all walks who were cordial and helpful.  We never experienced any concern about our safety.  We felt very comfortable and secure during the entire visit.  I would return tomorrow without any hesitation.  It was a great trip!” Oral & Karen (September, 2014, VA)


“The whole experience was awesome.  Pastor John and Shlomo (our guide) are the “best of the best”!  So thankful for your ministry that reflects years of studying and a heart for God and His leading!  We were all truly blessed beyond measure!  Ephesians 3:20 says that “God does exceedingly abundantly more than we ever asked or imagined.”  I think God was so true to His character on this trip!” Judy (September, 2014, KY)

“Bro John, Let me say once again, thanks, for the amazing time Danna and I had with you, Shlomo and the rest of our extended family. We were blessed beyond measure and I think we all can relate to the Apostle Paul’s experience when he was caught up to the 3rd heaven and saw things he didn’t have the words to describe! I’m still trying to wrap my brain around ALL we saw and heard ! What a life changing time. If I was in charge, it would be a prerequisite for every seminary student to tour the Holy Land before their first semester!

When it comes to safety, I take a chance every day when I get into my truck,(or motorcycle) to go to work and I don’t think anything about it. It’s what we do, right? Did I think about it before I put myself, Danna and our church family in harm’s way ? Yes I did. I got my information from John, Shlomo(who lives there in Jerusalem) and I put my faith and trust in God. Here in America or there in Israel, that’s all we can do. And I can say, like so many others have, I never once thought we were in harm’s way. I look forward to returning to Israel and experiencing another journey with Bro John and Shlomo!

May God continue to bless your ministry.” Rev. Wayne & Danna (September, 2014, TX)

“It was a blessing to us to have been part of such a wonderful group of people.  We will have our video and wonderful pictures which will be a constant reminder of our trip to Israel and Jordan.  Thank you John for sharing your love and knowledge of Israel with us.  We have grown in faith and can’t wait to share our experience with our family and friends.  We have many favorites of our trip, however, our being baptized in the Jordan River was our highlight.” Roger & Marylyn (September, 2014, FL)

“Our trip to Israel was a wonderful experience. We felt and saw the land in which Jesus walked. So much to see and learn. Our leader Pastor John, along with our guide Shlomo introduced us to a land and people we had so wanted to meet. Pastor John and Shlomo did not disappoint. They are the best! Although the political climate was uncertain, it never entered our minds that we should not be there. We were safe, and welcomed in a land full of wonder. We were at peace knowing God had wanted us to come to this great land. We both want to come again someday.” Bob & Annette (September, 2014, FL)

Temple Steps, Jerusalem

“As I reflect on the trip, I ask myself why was it so special? Not having any other Israel tour with which to compare, I can only look at our ten days and attempt to discern what made it an incredible experience.

I think any trip to the Holy Lands is bound to be special – it is a special place and evokes so many emotions and feelings as one recalls the Bible stories associated with each Holy sight. However, there is much that can be added that serves to enrich the experience.

Your knowledge and love of God’s Word and Israel paired with Shlomo’s passion for the history and land creates an exciting atmosphere for learning.  The combined years of experience you both bring to the tour and the compatibility with which you work together makes you an incomparable leadership team. I learned so much more about Israel than I ever expected to – insights both into the conflicts that took place in the days of the Bible as well as new understanding of today’s political climate.

I also commend the quiet moments of reflection and prayer that you build into the day, giving us the opportunity to hear God’s voice in His Holy Land. The brief worship in the evenings, and the singing throughout the day at different sights gave us the opportunity to thank & glorify Him.

People keep asking me what was the highlight of the trip – a more appropriate question would be what was the highlight each day? The thread that you weaved through the entire tour that single handedly touched my heart each and every day was the singing – I  LOVE music and the fact that I can’t sing or carry a tune does not stop me from singing God’s praises! Each song you chose for the different places we visited was perfect – showing me your attention to detail as you plan each day.

Thank you, Pastor John, for the opportunity to experience the Holy Land with you and Schlomo. I appreciated your understated style, your quiet leadership, your love for God & His people.  I have a feeling that we may be on another tour – and hope to spark an interest in others to join us!” Renee & Comp (June, 2014, MD)

“Dear Pastor John, What an incredible journey this has been for me… it was not just about the History of Israel, or being where Jesus walked, preached, lived, loved, and died for us, but it was about a deeper walk with God.  It says in Psalm 42:7 Deep calls to deep and in the roar of your waterfalls; all your waves and breakers have swept over me. I can tell you this… they have swept over my heart in a profound way that I am changed 4ever.

Pastor John you truly have a heart for the people you tour, your passion and desire is to see each and every one of us to come and see that the Lord is good, for us to have the eyes of our spiritual hearts open to see and hear God speak to our hearts, you take us off the beaten path to places most tour groups do not go, just so we can learn and grow more.  I want to thank you for Shlomo our fantastic tour guide I was inspired by his passion and history for his beloved state of Israel.  Touched by his desire that that same passion be transferred into our spirits and believe me, it has! Shlomo was more then a tour guide…  he is a friend and both him and his beautiful wife Rachel and their family embraced each and every one of us by taking us into their home and showing us the love of God through their warm and loving hospitality.  What a special, blessed time as we were able to mourn with our brothers and sisters in Israel on their Memorial Day, and we were able to laugh and dance with them as they celebrated their Independence Day!

I am grateful for all the beautiful people of Israel and around the world that we met along our journey. I thank God for making this dream of mine become a reality… for giving me more then I could of ever asked, hoped for or imagined.  I am truly blessed and grateful and my heart is overwhelmed by the Love of God not only from God but overwhelmed by the Love of God through His people.

Thank you Pastor John for an incredible, heart and life changing experience.  May God continue to bless you and use you mightily to increase His Kingdom!” Lois (April-May, 2014, FL)

“Pastor John.  It was the best trip we’ve ever experienced. We can’t stop talking about it and are so thankful for such an experience. Of course, our bible comprehension is greatly enhanced by seeing the land of Israel. You organized such a wonderful itinerary, tailored for our smaller group and your intense pace increased our capacity to learn (and to hike and climb!). You blessed us beyond measure. In Christ,” Kathy & Tom (April-May, 2014, WA)


“I wanted to walk where Jesus walked, to literally follow in His steps. With Pastor John leading us, every step was a blessing. We experienced the Holy Land in an authentic way as he lead us to places that were not typical tourist sites where we could truly see how things would have been in Bible times. We read the scriptures pertaining to each location, and we worshiped together.

I learned a wealth of historical and archeological information that greatly enriched my encounter. I experienced a paradigm shift of my Christian perspective as my preconceived ideas about God’s other children, both Jews and Muslims, were challenged and expanded.  My life is far richer today. For anyone who has ever considered traveling to Israel, I say, “Don’t miss this opportunity!”

“Things which eye has not seen and ear has not heard, and which have not entered the heart of man, all that God has prepared for those who love Him.”   ( I Corinthians 2:9)  While this scripture is one we read with a future orientation, it in fact perfectly describes my tour experience with Biblical Israel Tours!” Celia (March, 2014, CA)


“Pastor John, The March 2014 trip to Israel and Jordan that my wife and I had the true divine privilege of experiencing with you is beyond what words can express.  We truly believe that our Lord Jesus Christ had led us to you and this tour. The experience that had occurred on the tour itself was confirmation to us that it was such a divine blessing!  Your energy and passion for Jesus and the land of Israel combined with the love of country and unsurpassed knowledge by our tour guide (Shlomo) radiated throughout the entire group and brought the land of Israel and our Lord Jesus to life in a way that can only be experienced and not explained.  Your very active approach to share and see as much as possible and yet tempered with options and varying opportunities based on the abilities of various members in the group was appreciated by all and was an expression of your faith in action.  As a result of this trip, Christ Jesus and His Word truly came alive to us in a new way and has drawn closer to Him as a result.  We praise God for you and your ministry and encourage all to share this experience!!” Kevin and Shelly (March, 2014, MN)


“Pastor John, many, many thanks especially to you but also to everyone at Imagine Tours for making this incredible journey possible. Everything was top notch! Your knowledge of this land is amazing and we truly will never  be the same after this tremendous experience.” Rich & Sandy (March, 2014, OH)

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The walls of Jericho

The walls of Jericho

“One thing that I was surprised at was how peaceful it all seemed. You hear all of these stories about how there is all of this political and social unrest in Israel and about how there are radical groups causing trouble in the Middle East but I didn’t really experience that at all when I was there. It was so interesting to see how safe it seemed in Israel even being near all of the soldiers there. I made this observation to most of the others that I have felt less safe in downtown Minneapolis.” Ben (Oct-Nov, 2015, MN)

“If you have any reservations about Israel because of safety concerns please don’t.  I have first hand knowledge of Israel’s safety.  I was welcomed warmly by all with friendly conversation and a smile.  Please do not let the news or public opinions from people who have never been to Israel sway you.  I’ve felt less safe in some cities in America.  Thanks John, Shlomo and ITT you are the best!!” Malinda (September, 2015, CN) 

“I have to be honest and say that I was a little apprehensive about this trip. But anyone who is hesitant about traveling to Israel should not listen to people who have not been there. Israel is perfectly safe. I felt peace and serenity there.” (Sylvia, MO)

Safety Travel Tips

Old City of Jerusalem

Old City of Jerusalem

“Thanks again for an amazing experience, one I shall not forget.   I would certainly recommend this trip to all my friends, I could not fault any aspect and I had no concerns what so ever regarding safety. Blessings!” Marge Johnson (September, 2015, FL)

“We just returned from our fourth trip to Israel and we are still in awe of God’s Promised Land.  Each time we’ve gone, we feel God’s peace surrounding us. The Bible literally comes alive as we glean more and more information about the sites throughout Israel. Thank you Pastor John and Shlomo for sharing your wealth of information about the history and biblical importance of each site.” Warren & Susan (September, 2015, NC)

“Our visit to Israel has been the most meaningful travel experience we have ever had.  We found the insight and context provided by Dr. John and Shlomo covering Biblical, Archeological, Historical, as well as personal experience incredibly powerful in bringing the places we visited to life.  The attention to detail that had gone into planning was clearly evident as the flow and ease with which we moved from site to site, our accommodation, meals, and information handed out was so smooth and without any drama. Our accommodation was excellent as was the food.  This was an active tour and we loved that about it and John had extra options up his sleeve that he discussed with us along the way.

Many people had questioned our visiting Israel as an unsafe place to visit, a perception perhaps held by many.  We spent 3 weeks in Israel, 12 days with the DeLancey tour and a further 9 days doing our own thing.  We never felt threatened or even uncomfortable.  What a wonderful place to visit, and visit again.” Grant & Kate (July, 2015, New Zealand)

Sea of GAlilee Feb 2015 group“This trip with Dr. John was simply amazing.  It as life-changing in every way.  About safety, everyone who heard I was going to Israel, including my own family, thought I was crazy.  Unfortunately, this is how the news portrays the situation.  But I did not feel unsafe anywhere!  We even went to the northern border of Israel and felt perfectly safe all the time.  If I have any suggestion for anyone wanting to go to Israel but wonders if it is safe or not, don’t let the sensationalized news intimidate you in any way.  Just go and don’t miss out on a life-changing trip!” Margaret (March, 2015, TN)

“Although a trip to Israel had always been “#1 on my bucket list,” I was among the many who let fear prevent them from going – even experiencing nightly panic attacks during the planning stage of this trip.  How thankful I am that I overcame those fears through my friend’s encouragement and a strong sense of God’s hand leading me to go on this particular trip.  I felt perfectly safe and comfortable every minute of this trip!    When I reflect on all that we saw and learned, the sweet friendships that we made with the other travelers, and the treasured moments when God spoke to me so personally as I sat in the Garden of Gethsemane or on the Mount of Beatitudes, I think how sad it would have been if I had missed this awesome experience because of fears that were unfounded!” Judy (September, 2014, KY)

“When I told people I was taking a trip to Israel to walk in the footsteps of Jesus I invariably got the same response – “Why are you going there now when it isn’t safe?”.  While personal safety is always a concern I can say without hesitation that I never once felt insecure or unsafe during the almost two weeks we were there.  To the contrary I found the people in Israel to be as wonderful as Israel itself!  We were welcomed everywhere we went.  Unfortunately we get sensationalized “news” about the dangers in Israel when the real danger is missing out on sharing the journey of Jesus Christ!  It was an amazing trip!” Debra (September, 2014, GA)

“When it comes to safety, I take a chance every day when I get into my truck,(or motorcycle) to go to work and I don’t think anything about it. It’s what we do, right? Did I think about it before I put myself, Danna and our church family in harm’s way ? Yes I did. I got my information from John, Shlomo(who lives there in Jerusalem) and I put my faith and trust in God. Here in America or there in Israel, that’s all we can do. And I can say, like so many others have, I never once thought we were in harm’s way. I look forward to returning to Israel and experiencing another journey with Bro John and Shlomo! May God continue to bless your ministry. Love to all.” Wayne & Danna (September, 2014, TX)


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