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Shalom! Thank you so much for visiting our web site. We are so very honored to be able to share our ministry and unique teaching / tours with you! We are an evangelical / Bible-based non-profit ministry that is dedicated and committed to offering two primary things:

We offer unique, in-depth, “non-touristy,” and highly biblical tours to Israel (& other lands of the Bible)

We offer unique & life-transforming biblical teaching that focuses upon learning the Bible in the context of the land of Israel.


    • Go HERE if you are interested in our Upcoming Israel tours in 2022-2023 led by Dr. John DeLancey. NOTE: Israel has now re-opened for tourism and the vaccination required has been dropped! Also, as of May 20, a Covid Test upon arrival in Tel Aviv is also no longer required! 
    • Go HERE to see a summary of our latest Israel trip (Israel-Greece, May 7-21, 2022).
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    • Go HERE to purchase the new book, “Connecting the Dots Between the Bible and the Land of Israel” at a discounted price of $28.95.
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    • Go HERE if would like to have one of our “Bringing the Bible to Life” (BBL) seminars in your church.
    • Dr. John DeLancey’s email: Drjohn@biblicalisraeltours.com. Phone number: 412-999-5697

Personal Greeting from Dr. John DeLancey


Watch, listen, and enjoy a personal greeting from Israel from Dr. John DeLancey, Director of BIMT. Enjoy some of our spectacular drone video of various regions of the land of the Bible and numerous biblical sites!

We hope this word of greeting gives you a good sense of the types of Israel trips and the in-depth teaching we offer. We love unfolding the context of the Bible for you in a way that brings the Bible alive! Thanks and blessings for visiting us today! We are so very thankful for the opportunity to share our ministry and personal friendship with you We are here to serve and help you grow in your understand of God’s Word “in context” and to inspire your faith walk with Christ!

To date, Dr. John has led 77 Israel tours in addition to his one year of study as an archaeology and historical geography student in Jerusalem in 1981-82. He has also excavated at 6 archaeological sites in Israel to date and has led 13 Greece Trips.

GAME-CHANGING NEWS: As of March 1, Israel is dropping the vaccination/booster requirement! This opens up the country to everyone. You now can enter Israel without getting the shot! Also as of May 20, Covid tests are no longer required at the Tel Aviv airport when arriving in Israel. This means we are anticipating many more people traveling with us! Sign up early for the Israel tour that works best for you!

Biblical Israel by Air DVD
Biblical Israel by Air DVD

Our Two Latest Resources


Biblical Israel by Air Drone Video

Biblical Israel Ministries & Tours is excited to offer our “one-of-a-kind” drone video called Biblical Israel by Air! This drone project is a unique one-of-a kind biblical resource that we pray God will use to add a deeper enthusiasm and understanding in your reading of God’s Word! Compiled and narrated by Dr. DeLancey, this drone video features footage of over 55 biblical sites. The entire land of Israel is covered in this video, with bonus coverage of Mt. Nebo, Machaerus, Petra, and Wadi Rum in Jordan! We are offering it in three formats:

The resolution is the standard 720 resolution. The price of $30.
This format features two .mp4 files (narrated & non-narrated) playable on your computer or Smart TV. These files are 1920 – 1080 resolution. The price of $45.
You can download the narrated version of the video as described above. The price of $40. Individual site videos can be downloaded for $4.00.


“Connecting the Dots Between the Bible and the Land of Israel”

This is Dr. DeLancey’s newest book! The book features 50 stories from the Bible (25 OT, 25 NT) set in the context in which the stories took place. The archaeological, historical, geographical, and cultural background of these stories is used to bring a deeper understanding of these biblical narratives. Additionally, this 475 page book is filled with a devotional component of learning life lessons for the purpose of encouraging your journey of faith! The book could be used as a personal devotional or as a group Bible study guide. Connecting the Dots is a “go-to” book not only for those preparing to travel to Israel, but also for those who are not able to make an Israel trip themselves. The book is meant to bring the land of Israel directly to the reader and to have these 50 stories burst forth with new life, perspective, and application! Note: a discounted price is being offered $28.95 (retail 32.95), plus free shipping. Go HERE.

"Life transforming Israel tours & teaching in the context of the land of the Bible"

Join an Israel Tour

Biblical Israel Ministries & Tours (BIMT) offers some of the most unique Christian Israel tours on the market. What sets us apart are the many more biblical sites (vs. “traditional” sites & churches) we visit (many are off-the-beaten-path sites that other groups don’t go), the in-depth biblical teaching and experiences Dr. DeLancey offers at each site, and the spiritual formational / discipleship lessons we encounter on the way. We also uniquely include optional hikes into each Israel program, allowing you to experience “walking the land” firsthand. We also take time for reflection and worship. Gleaning from Dr. DeLancey’s unique itineraries and his vast experience and expertise sets each of our tours apart from others! Go HERE if you are interested in any of our upcoming Israel tours. Tours are now scheduled through 2023!

Traveling to the Holy Land was a trip that truly changed my perspective. The trip brought the Bible to life for me and I better understand God’s story. As I read the Bible now in the comfort of my own home, I am able to picture the places I am reading about. It’s incredible to read stories of Jesus’ ministry and connect the dots with the places we traveled to. Dr. John DeLancey was a wonderful tour guide. He has a great knowledge of the land of Israel, archeology, and the Bible. At every site, he read a passage of scripture, explained the importance of the site, and then left our group with an applicable challenge. If you are thinking about traveling to Israel, travel with BIMT.”  (Teirrah, MN, Jan 2022)

Life Impact

Every Israel trip really is the ultimate discipleship program that will help you go deeper and grow stronger in your spiritual walk with God! Your excitement for reading God’s Word will reach new heights and your heart will be touched beyond imagination!  Simply put, a trip to Israel and other lands of the Bible is a lifetime investment in your “faith walk.” You will never be the same!

Host a “BBL” Seminar for your church!

One way for us to bring “Israel” to churches around the country is through our “Bringing the Bible to Life” (BBL) seminars! This seminar includes 7.5 hours of unique biblical teaching. Our aim is to bring the Bible to life through the teaching of the physical settings of the Bible. We do this through teaching biblical archaeology, historical geography, the Hebraic background of the life & ministry of Jesus, and the customs & culture of the Bible.

A Discipleship Encounter

The seminar includes seven power point presentations, aerial / drone videos and footage, and detailed teaching that will help you “connect the dots” between the many stories from the Bible and the land. Specifically, the Bible will be opened in “3-D color,” including the history and stories of the OT to the life of Jesus! While the seminar is geared towards helping you understand what we like to call the “playing board” (the “land”) of the Bible, there are also many life-lessons and spiritual formational applications to be gleaned! Other than providing transportation for Dr. DeLancey to your church or conference, each BBL seminar is free! Go HERE to learn more about our BBL seminars. Dr. DeLancey is also available to speak to pastors’ groups and pastor/church conferences. NOTE: We are now able to offer the same BBL seminar but through the Zoom platform! This works best for churches outside of the U.S. Contact Dr. John to set this up!

Free On-line “Trip Preparation” Course

We are so pleased to share 1 class (about 1.5 hours) of on-line teaching to help you prepare for the your trip. This will be through the Zoom video platform. Dr. DeLancey will personally teach this class and walk you through a series of helpful trip and travel suggestions and many of the biblical connections in advance of your trip. These will be offered about 4 weeks prior to your tour. We cover trip suggestions as well as biblical connections.

Meet our Director & Primary Tour Leader/Teacher

Rev. Dr. John DeLancey serves as the Director of BIMT.  Dr. John studied in Jerusalem as an archaeology & historical geography student for one year (1981-82), pastored for 26 years (in two evangelical churches in MN & PA), excavated at 6 archaeological sites (City of David, Kh. Nysia, Abel Beit Maacah, Gezer, Gath, and Libnah), and to date has lead 77 Israel trips (and many of these to Jordan & Egypt). He brings a unique wealth of knowledge and experience to every trip he leads. He has also led 13 Greece & Turkey “Footsteps of Paul” trips. You will benefit greatly in traveling with a person with such a vast experience in the land of Israel!

Pastor John writes his own itineraries for all his trips. They are not cookie-cutter trips like 90% + Israel tours are! They are non-touristy and unique in many ways! His passion is to teach the Bible in the context of the land of Israel and to lead people to a life-transforming faith experience! His expertise is historical geography and biblical archaeology of Israel! He will take you to places not visited by many groups. He will teach you up-to-date information about the land. He will share with you the many biblical connections at each site. Each day will be like a “Bible study” in 3-D color, with the biblical narratives and stories (especially including the life and ministry of Jesus) coming to life in real and wonderful ways!

Dr. DeLancey is married (Sue) and they have three grown children and one grandchild. They also have two golden retrievers and three cats. He enjoys trail running (he has run ultra marathons for 30 years), mountain biking, hiking, kayaking, and umpiring baseball.

He has authored two books: Devotional Treasures from the Holyland (2014, now in its 3rd edition) and his newest book (2022) – Connecting the Dots Between the Bible and the Land of Israel.

12 Minute Virtual Tour of Israel

Dr. DeLancey put together this 12 minute virtual tour of Israel that takes you to many biblical sites. From Old Testament sites to locations where Jesus walked, you will get a good sense of the unique regions of the land of Israel. The tour ends in Jerusalem, Israel’s historic and biblical capital.

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