When a nation finds itself out-numbered by unfriendly neighbors, and when the majority of countries represented in the United Nations don’t support a nation’s ability to protect itself, it can be a pretty lonely place.  This describes Israel.  In fact, this has been a continual challenge Israel has faced for decades now, really, ever since its birth in 1948.

One of Israel’s best and boldest Prime Minister in recent years has been Benjamin Bibi Netanyahu. He knows the majority of his neighbors despise the fact that Israel even exists.  He also has pledged his administration to the protection and welfare of Israeli citizens, Jews and Arabs alike.  He wants peace and prosperity for all.

When Bibi speaks at the United Nations gatherings in NY, he always draws an attention to Israel’s right to protect its citizens.  Israel often loses the “blame game” however, for any act Israel takes to thwart terrorism, this tiny nation only about the size of New Jersey gets blamed by the world for being the so-called aggressive ones.  We see this blame game in full force every time Israel responds to the countless of rockets propelled relentlessly from Gaza upon southern communities.  Makes me wonder how we as Americans would respond if a barrage of rockets were lobbed across our border upon our citizens?

Unfortunately, the challenge is only going to get more challenging before it gets better.  Dealing with the unknown, especially establishing a strategy with what to do with the Iranian regime, makes me wonder what the world will say if Israel takes the lead in securing safety for its nation living under the shadow of this mad man?  My prayer is that this present potential crisis will cause Israel to consider their utter dependence upon God.  I especially pray that this may lead Israel to a specific Christocentric dependence and recognition of Jesus as Messiah.

I do know that God has all of this under His capable control.  We can all take comfort in this.  But for all those who scoff at Israel across from its borders, Psalm 2 reminds us that God scoffs at the proud and arrogant of the world.  God will always have the last word!

May God bring shalom to this region through Yeshua!

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