What a great day of exploring Jerusalem! We all ventured into the Old City this morning. Some of the sites and experiences we encountered included the Upper Room, Oscar Shindler’s tomb, a climb up the Lutheran Church tower in the Christian Quarter, a walk along the Eastern Wall, a return to the Western Wall and Jewish Quarter, and shopping. It was especially fun to simply sit and watch people, especially the little Jewish kids.  Priceless! There was no issues with safety whatsoever despite the many Muslims heading to the Temple Mount for Friday services and prayer. While many of us walked a lot, it was a relaxing day on our own. What a great day! Shared in the pictures below are some random scenes and experiences we enjoyed. (By the way, if you are concerned for us given what I can only imagine the news about Israel has been today, no worries). The issues with rockets from Gaza is south of us.).

We returned to the hotel for our final dinner together. An optional walk followed. We taxied to the Mt. of Olives, and then walked back to the hotel from there. We wake up at 1:15 this morning in preparation for loading our luggage and heading to the airport for our 6 a.m. flight home.

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