The following is a summary of our last day, the 13th day on our April, 2013 Israel tour.

April 19 (Day 13)

TimnahToday was our last full day.  Before breakfast, some ventured down to the beautiful Red Sea.  At 8:15 we began our border crossing back into Israel.  The crossing was fairly quick.  Meeting Shlomo, our Israeli guide on the other side, we headed north to the copper mines of ancient Timnah.  Here, we first watched a video about how the Egyptians mined this area.  Next, we climbed up and around an area of the site called “Solomon’s Pillars.”  A Egyptian temple of Hathor was discovered here.

TimnahThe highlight of Timnah is seeing the full-scaled model of the Tablernacle.  This 150 x 75 foot “movable” structure erected with 60 acacia poles as interesting to see, especially in light of Christ fulfilling /making complete the Law and sacrificial system.

From Timnah we drove 20 minutes north to Yovatah, a dairy kibbutz.  Nothing like having the best ice cream in Israel here for lunch!

Machtesh RamonFollowing this stop, we drove nearly 2 hours through the southern Negev/Wilderness of Paran and the Machtesh Ramon, Israel’s “Grand Canyon.”  The view from the northern rim was spectacular!

Given the early closing tine of Beersheba (because of the coming of Shabbat tonight), we were not able to see this ancient site.  However, driving around the modern city of Beersheba and to the Shephelah of Judah (“Lowlands”), our last stop of the day was Azekah and the Elah Valley.  This valley, one of 4 other valleys of the lowlands, was where David defeated Goliath, the Philistine giant (1 Samuel 17).

Elah ValleyWe ended the day with dinner in Joppa, our very first site we visited on the trip.  Our flight is scheduled for 12:40 a.m tonight (actually tomorrow morning),  After dinner we drove to the Ben Gurion airport.  As of this writing, we made it through the security and passport checkpoints and are presently awaiting our night flight back home.  We arrive back in the States Saturday morning.

To see more sample pictures of today, go to the April, 2013 page.

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