IMG_8297The June 17-29 Israel Tour will begin this Monday.  We arrive in Israel on Tuesday.  This 13 day tour heads south first through the Shephelah and Negev.  Our first 3 nights will be spent in Bat Yam, Beersheva, and along the shores of the Dead Sea.  We then head north, with 3 nights on the shores of the Sea of Galilee.  Finally, the rest of the tour is spent in and around Jerusalem.

As I do for all my tours, I will update the web site each night (typically mid afternoon EST).  So feel free to follow our day-to-day experiences here.

Have you ever considered being part of an Israel trip?  Of the 100s of who joined me for any of my prior 26 trips, many of said they wished they would have invested in an Israel trip years before because of the life-transforming experience it is.  People who see and encounter Israel personally quickly realize the benefits of such a trip.  It’s a gift that people give to themselves that, as it is said, “keeps giving and giving.”

I welcome you to join me for any of my upcoming tours.  While this June and July tour is now closed, the October and November, 2013 tours are still open (the November tour is exactly the same as this upcoming June trip).  Then in 2014, January, March, April,, June, September, and late November/early December tours are planned.  2 Greece Tours are also planned for 2014 (March and Oct/Nov).

People still are asking about “safety.”  Indeed, life in Israel is quite normal.  Safety is not an issue.  You will be warmly greeted by Israelis and Palestinians alike.  Don’t let the news dissuade you from traveling to the land of the Bible with us!

Shalom, until next time!

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