July 2013 Day 14This last full day was a good one.  After a leisurely breakfast at the hotel, we loaded the bus and headed north.  We stopped again in Karak for a short break on the way to the Allenby Bridge border crossing.  Once we arrived, the crossing took longer than usual, but with not much difficulty.

We met Shlomo on the Israeli side.  We loaded the bus once again and headed to Jericho for a brief lunch stop.  From here we made a brief stop overlooking the Wadi Qilt, giving us a wonderful perspective of the Judean Wilderness below.  Shlomo sang Psalm 23 in Hebrew, with Isaiah 40 also being read.

July 2013 Day 14We headed west to Jaffa, where the tour began, for our farewell dinner.  Oh my, was it a great zillion-course dinner!  Arriving at the airport at about 8:20, we began the procedure of checking in.  It went rather smoothly.

At the time of this posting, it is 10 p.m. Israeli-time.  We board our plane in 45 minutes.

This will be the end of the updates until we arrive home.  Thanks for following our tour and praying for us!  What a great life-changing tour it was for all!!

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