Jerusalem-631x421It is so good to see Israel expanding the opportunities for runners.  Over the past few years, races have been created, at various lengths and for people of various abilities.  Being a runner myself, I am looking forward to running in the Jerusalem Marathon in 2015.   While I will be in Jerusalem next month at the time of the 2014 running of the marathon, unfortunately my schedule won’t permit me to run this year.

The marathon last year (see HERE for a 5 minute video) drew 1000s of people.  A Half Marathon and 10/5k is also an option for runners not wanting to take on the challenge of the full 26.2 mile course.

Speaking of the course, it is one that allows each participant to run through history.  The starting line is at the intersection on Ruppin Blvd. between the Israeli Knesset and the Israel Museum. The race finishes on the southern end of Sacher Park.  From the start, runners will head towards Hebrew University.  Passing such famous locations such as the King David Hotel, the race actually heads towards the Old City of Jerusalem.  Entering at Jaffa Gate, runners run through the Armenian Quarter and out Zion’s Gate in the Jewish Quarter.  Heading south on Bethlehem and Hebron roads, the course circles back towards western Jerusalem.  Because of the topography of Jerusalem, the course is a challenge because of the hills.

jerusalem-marathonThere is also a Tel Aviv Marathon taking place on February 28 this year) as well as races up north in the Galilee.  The 37th annual Sea of Galilee Marathon was just run last month.  The 38th running will take place on January 9, 2015.  This marathon is actually the lowest elevation race in the world (at 600 feet below sea level).

For the purpose of attracting tourists who run but would also like to experience Israel, I have scheduled an 11 Day Biblical Israel Tour on March 3-14, 2015.  The itinerary takes us to about 45 sites, all prior to the big race in Jerusalem!  After heading north through the Sharon Plain, Jezreel Vallley, Galilee and Golan, we head south to the Dead Sea and Judean Wilderness.  Finally, we make our ascent to Jerusalem and end the tour here with 4 full spectacular days in the capital of Israel!  The Jerusalem Marathon is run on our last full day (our “free day”).

If you would like information on this Jerusalem Marathon Tour, go to and complete the contact information.  A tour packet will be promptly mailed to you.  Even if you are not a runner, but would enjoy a tour of Israel and being part of the large race crowd on the last day, I welcome you to join us!

So Israel …. keep running!

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