Thursday, April 3 – Day 4 

IMG_4755Today was another spectacular sunny day, with high about 70.  Following breakfast, we checked out of our hotel and spent most of the morning in the unique mountains of Meteora.  There are six restored monasteries that date back to the 14th century where the Greek Orthodox monks lived.  Seeking refuge in the cliff-side caves, they eventually built wooden shelters.  Later, stone dwellings were made, some large enough for dozens of monks.  The one monastery we explored was the one called Varlaam.  The view was unbelievable from on top.

IMG_4672Leaving Meteora, we took the back road that winds back down to Kalambaka.  Here we entered a store that sells Greek’s famous icons.  Even though e were not particularly interested in iconoclasts, it was an interesting cultural experience.

In the afternoon we spent in the bus driving to Athens.  The scenery was quite varied along the way.  We arrived in Athens at rush hour, yet was able to check into our hotel near the center of the city.   After dinner, a few of us enjoyed an optional walk to the area of the Acropolis.

IMG_4815We are looking forward to the start of our three day Mediterranean cruise tomorrow.

Friday, April 4 – Day 5

 We leave our hotel for Pireaus, where we will board the ship run by the Olympian – Louis Cruise Line..  We plan on visiting our first island, Mykonos.

(It is uncertain that the web site will be able to be updated during the cruise.  So don’t worry if nothing is posted).

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