Thursday, July 3 (Day 9 of Dig)

IMG_9484The cows once again greeted us as we climbed the tel at 5:15 this morning.  They seem to be there every day.  Enjoying the not-so-hot day today (high of low 90s with again a nice breeze out of the west towards mid-morning), it was an exciting day of excavation.   In our area alone, we found a seal (to be pictures & published later on the ABR Facebook page), a “spout” of a jar, a basalt grinding stone, a few almost intact storage jars, and the possible threshold (floor level) of the house/wall our square was digging.

Specifically, we deepened our 5 x 5m square another 30 cm or so, cleaning and straightening the “bulks” as we go down.  The wall we found has at least three levels of stone to it, making it a legitimate structure of some kind (probably a house).  The almost intact storage jar found at the end of the day will be carefully taken out tomorrow.  Since it appears we are at the floor level of this house, we plan to “sift” all the dirt from this level in hopes to not miss anything important (earrings, beads, household items).  So it’s been rewarding to see our “pool” that we’ve been digging all week yield some interesting items.  (a side note: we even set a hard-boiled egg on our ancient wall.  We called it “Humpy-Dumpty”  As you see below, we enjoyed sitting on the wall until he fell off :)).

IMG_9501In Area F, they extracted the iron dagger they discovered yesterday.  It is about 8 inches long and must have been used as a weapon of some kind.

The dig day once again ended at 1:15.  Returning to the kibbutz for lunch and some free time, pottery washing was once again at 4:30, followed pottery sorting (a very good way to learn from Nava, one of the leading experts from Hebrew University on reading and distinguishing pottery). The evening ended with a “July 3rd barbecue party (one day early).  We enjoyed a cook-out dinner in the lawn. For the three of us, our last day of digging is tomorrow.

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