Day 8 – Wednesday, November 5

EphesusIt was a smooth ride last night as we traveled further south along the western coastline of Turkey. We arrived at the port of Kusadasi shortly after breakfast. Having Oz once again as our guide, we boarded our bus and drove towards one of the largest archaeological sites in Turkey, Ephesus.

The tour of the site began on the main Roman street that runs down towards the famous Library. Ephesus was known for it’s great Temple of Artemis (Diana). Paul visited this site briefly at first at the end of his second missionary journey, but also on his third journey when he would spend more time here. Ephesus is also one of the seven churches of Revelation, the one who “lost their first love” for Christ.

EphesusAlong the walk on the Roman street, we saw various kinds of ruins: pillars, capitals, a relief of “Nike” the famous god of victory, and a quite impressive public bathroom. At the end of the street is the famous Library. Although it dates to a time after Paul, it stands impressively above everything else.

At the end of the tour of this amazing city, we stopped in the theater where we had a combined worship time with the other imagine Tours & Travel groups. We enjoyed singing a few songs together as well as listening to the reading and sharing of Acts 18, Ephesians 3, and Revelation 2.

The Basilica of John was our next stop. Located very near the famous Temple of Artemas, this traditional burial place of John was interesting to see. The baptismal area, like most of the rest of this area, dates to the Late Roman period.

From here we enjoyed lunch at a carpet shop. It was quite interesting to hear about how silk is spun from the cocoons of silk worms as well as to see how the carpets are made.

melitusWe ended the day with traveling about an hour through the rural country-side to Melitus. We sat in the huge theater (that originally dates to the 2nd century BC but modified in the 2nd century AD) and listened to the touching narrative of Acts 20. It was hear where Paul said goodbye to those from Ephesus who came to see him off to Jerusalem at the end of his 3rd missionary journey.

We returned to Kusadasi about 6:30. Since boarding time back on the ship wasn’t until 11 p.m., many enjoyed time shopping or sipping Turkish coffee or chai (tea) in cafés.  With all boarded, we began our night voyage to Patmos. We look forward to visiting this island tomorrow.

Day 8 – Thursday, November 6

We plan to sail to Patmos today.

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