Israel is a special place.  Those who either never get the opportunity to go or choose not to go (e.g. don’t see it as a priority, unwarranted fear for safety, etc…) unfortunately miss out on personally experiencing its specialness.  Israel is also a place of hope.  This is why “Hatikvah” stands out as one of the most meaningful national anthems any country can have.

Hatikvah means The Hope. It was first written as a poem in the early 1880s by Naftali Herz Imber, a Galician Jew, and then set to music. Hatikva is about the undying hope of the Jewish people, through the long years of exile, that they would someday return to independence in their homeland.  It is all about the undying hope for independence.  It is all about doing all Israelis can within their power to help the State of Israel prosper.

As many know, Israel has mandatory military service.  Following high school, both young men and women are required to serve in the IDF (Israel Defense Force).  Once compulsory service is complete, they continue in the Reserves until they are 40 or so.  It’s all about the Jewish undying hope for independence and security to live at peace with its neighbors.

Here are the words of Israel’s national anthem:

As long as the Jewish spirit is yearning deep in the heart, 

With eyes turned toward the East, looking toward Zion,

Then our hope – the two-thousand-year-old hope – will not be lost:

To be a free people in our land,

The land of Zion and Jerusalem.


In tribute to Israel, and IDF who protects her, and their pursuit of peace and hope, enjoy this rendition of Hatikvah.

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