Ultra Orthodox man at Western Wall

Ultra Orthodox man at Western Wall

The morning began with a 7:30 departure again. The weather was perfect today, with sun and temps in the low 70s.  We drove just a short distance to the Western Wall (the “Kotel”). We entered the Western Wall Tunnels and walked along the impressive western retaining wall of the Temple Mount. We returned to the Wall to see many praying at this most holy site.

Yad Vashem - Childrens' Memorial

Yad Vashem – Childrens’ Memorial

We walked to the heart of the Jewish Quarter. Here we visited the Temple Institute. It was interesting to hear how some religious Jews are preparing for the building of the 3rd Temple. Following this, we enjoyed some free time and lunch in the area.

After lunch, we walked out the Zion’s Gate where we met the bus. We drove to the western part of Jerusalem to the Israel Museum. Here we saw a 1:50 scale model of Jerusalem as it would have looked in 70 AD. We retraced the ministry of Jesus here, from Pools of Bethsaida, to the Temple Mount, and to His trial and crucifixion.  The Shrine of the Book is right next to the model. We walked through, seeing various scrolls found at Qumran. A replica of the famous Isaiah Scroll is displayed as well.

Pilate Inscription - Israel Museum

Pilate Inscription – Israel Museum

Next, we drove to Yad Vashem, Israel’s Holocaust Museum and Memorial. We heard Shlomo share about losing 12 members of his family in Poland (Vilna) during the Holocaust.  We visited the Valley of the Communities, the Children’s Memorial, and the museum itself. It was an emotional but good visit.

On our way back to the hotel, we returned to the Israel Museum to visit and see the “highlights” from the archaeological section. We then returned to the hotel for dinner and a free evening.


We plan to visit Garden Tomb, City of David (with Hezekiah’s Tunnel), and South Wall excavations.

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