The Gamble FamilyPeople ask me all the time what is the average age of people who join me for one of my Israel tours.  A follow-up question is usually in terms of when is the best age for a person to visit Israel?  My answer to the first question is that I get all ages of people on my Holyland tours.  My response to the second question is simply “as young as possible!”  I have so many people in their 50s, 60s, and beyond who join me and say, “Oh, I wish I would have visited Israel decades ago!”  Everyone though, regardless of age, come home from an Israel trip with us and say, “What a life-changing trip this was!”

On this most recent Israel tour, we had a wide range of ages represented.   Our youngest traveler as a 10 year old from Australia.  She and her two sisters traveled with their parents.  It was a delight to see all of them, but especially the ten year old, engage in the Biblical stories and experiences.

Dr. HunterOn the other hand, we also had a 96 year old with us.  He was traveling with his care-giver who provided wonderful help.  It was his first trip.  The highlight for him was being baptized in the Jordan River.  While the river was a bit chilly, this didn’t stop the good doctor.  It was a special event for all.  He also enjoyed standing at the Western Wall in Jerusalem.

It is amazing that God calls people of all ages.  Young and old, a life-changing encounter awaits.  I am excited for our ten year old girl who now has the rest of her life to “reap the benefits” of seeing the Bible unfold before her.  I am also excited for our 96 year old gentleman who had a dream fulfilled in visiting the land where Jesus walked.  Praise be to God for everyone, young and old, God brings to tours to the Holyland.

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