Ben Gurion Airport, Israel

Ben Gurion Airport, Israel

There is always excitement in anticipating the departure date of any Israel tour.  After a time of planning, packing, and preparing, the day of departure finally arrives.  We meet tour members, we exchange new friendships, and then board the plane.  After a few meals, a few movies, and hopefully some sleep, we finally arrive in Tel Aviv.  It’s hard to sleep on this 10.5 hour flight because of the building up of excitement!  Finally, the coastal plain of Israel now comes into view. We land at Ben Gurion Airport.  We exit the plane and look out the windows of the airport.  We can see the Judean Hills to the east.  We also join the masses of other pilgrims making their way to the passport lines and then onto the baggage area.

Although tired from the flight, it’s truly a remarkable experience landing in Israel for the very first time! It is really indescribable when one steps in Israel for the first time.  Yes, even at the airport one senses how blessed one is when having the privilege to be in land of the Bible, the land where Jesus walked!

A few years ago now, a Japanese group landed at the Ben Gurion Airport.  Their arrival was marked, however, we a wonderful celebration.  The arriving of this Japanese group is extra-special.  Below is what happened when they arrived at the Ben Gurion Airport.  Really fun to see the joy!

If you don’t yet have plans yet to visit Israel on one of my tours, it just may be time to experience this yourself!  God is inviting you to His land to encounter the many narratives from the Bible, and to walk where Jesus walked.  And believe me, once you land and step foot in Israel, the journey really begins!  It is a journey that you will re-live may times over every time you read your Bible!  It’s a life-transforming faith-journey, a trip that will take you to the next level of your walk of faith.

Get ready for a joyful and life-changing time!  An Israel tour is just that … life-changing!

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