satellite-image-of-israelIsrael is a beautiful country.  It is a unique country filled with variety. Only about the size of New Jersey, Israel is the land of the Bible.  It is here where God’s redemptive plan unfolded.

From a perspective on the ground, the Holyland is a country of spectacular vistas, history, geography, and culture.  Driving from one region to another, one gains a feel for the topography of the land.  To dispel a common myth, Israel is not just some “dessert in the middle of no where.”  It is not just rocks, hills and sand, although much of the south (Negev, Judean midbar or dessert) is barren. Parts of Israel are green and lush.  Parts of Israel are filled with archaeological sites from both the Old and New Testament periods.  Traveling from one ancient site to another, one can touch, feel, even physically encounter the context of the story that unfolds there.  It is quite amazing!  On every Israel tour we encounter the Bible every day in unforgettable ways.

But from the perspective of a bird’s eye view above, Israel takes on a surreal feel of the country. Gliding quietly over this ridge or that valley … this tel (ancient site) or that city is almost a devotional experience.  At least for me who have seen some sites literally dozens and dozens of times, if not 100s of times now, an aerial view of Israel is a unique experience.

Of course I’ve never had the opportunity to see Israel from the air, other than flying in and out of the airport. But if I could, let’s say, hang-glide over Israel, the first area I would see from above would be the north.  I love the Galilee area.  It is where the center of Christ’s ministry was. Next it would be the Judean Desert.  Although this chalk-limestone desert is barren, it boasts of a certain beauty that is indescribable.  Lastly, who won’t want to buzz the Jerusalem and the Temple Mount from above?  To fly over the very location of both Solomon’s and Herod’s Temple once stood would be wonderful as well!

Some of these sites you will see in the video below.  I suggest that you just sit back and soak in the royal beauty of a few sites in Israel.

Enjoy Israel from the air…

I will post some more aerial footage of Israel in upcoming posts.  Stay tuned!

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