The Garden Tomb

The Garden Tomb (from March, 2016 Tour)

Easter is what brings promise to believers in Jesus Christ!  Following the trials of “Good Friday” comes the triumph of “Easter Sunday,” the triumph over death and sin.  Easter is what brings the world hope in a very evil and sinful world.

On every Israel tour I lead, time spent at the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem is always special and significant for all.  After walking in Jesus’ footsteps the week before, we finally follow Him to the Calvary and the tomb.  This was the culmination of Christ’s ministry and God’s redemptive plan.  Yet since we worship the person (namely, the Person of Yeshua/Jesus) more than the place, the exact location of the burial tomb of Jesus isn’t what is important. It could be here.  I could be elsewhere.  We jut don’t know, something of with I am perfectly fine. But rather, what is important is this: the tomb is empty!  It is precisely what the angels proclaimed that first Easter morning…. “He is not here… He is risen!” (Matthew 28:6).  And because it is empty, our hope crushed on Friday is now restored!

Garden Tomb, Jerusalem

Garden Tomb, Jerusalem

Recently, I discovered an old video featuring Rev. Billy Graham.  In 1960, the well-known evangelist now in his 90s, read the Easter story there at the Garden Tomb. It is quite special.  The message hasn’t changed since then, nor will it ever change.  The tomb as discovered by the women and the disciples was empty.  On the third day, Christ arose from the dead to secure victory over sin and death.

Watch and listen to a spectacular video from 1960 that features Rev. Billy Graham at the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem:

Have a blessed Easter!  He is risen!  He is risen indeed!

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