Egyptian Museum

Egyptian Museum (Cairo)

Today was an early start. Leaving the cruise ship at around 5:45, we drove to the Luxor Airport for our flight back to Cairo. Today was our last day here in Egypt. Temps were a bit cooler, with highs in the 90s. It actually felt pleasant.

Upon arriving at the Cairo airport, we were once again met by our excellent agents, Travel Plus. They escorted us to the bus. Driving to the heart of the Tahrir Square (where Egypt had its crisis in 2011), we visited the famous Egyptian Museum for the next 2 hours. Heba showed us the highlights of the 1000s of museum displays. Starting from the Old Kingdom to walking to the famous King Tut’s treasures, we saw a lot of archaeological finds. The museum is simply filled with so many items, a number of them with biblical connections (e.g. the Pharaohs who reigned during the days of Joseph and Moses, Hathor the “holy cow” – golden calf, etc…)! Some even bought the extra ticket to see mummies of the famous names in ancient Egypt (e.g. Ramses II, Thutmoses III, Hatshepsut, etc..).

Golden mask of King Tut

Golden mask of King Tut (Egyptian Museum)

About noon we drove to the famous Khan el-Khalili bazaar. It is a massive market area. We grab a bite to eat here and did our final shopping (from shirts & pyramids to spices). It was really a cultural experience!

We drove back to our 4 Seasons Hotel for the rest of the afternoon. It was a wonderful time of relaxing by the pool and/or taking a nap. The hotel here serves their guests like royalty! 🙂

We ate our final dinner together at 6:30. Since our flights back to the States leave at four different times, we said our goodbyes and turned in. We all agree that Egypt is a safe place to travel, and is filled with many archaeological wonders that connect us to the world of the Bible.


We all plan on arriving back in the States following our night and/or morning flights. An end of a great trip!


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