Judean Desert

Judean Desert

The May, 2016 trip was another great one.  We had almost perfect weather throughout. The group (primarily from the Canyon Hills Church in the Seattle, WA area) were wonderful!  God blessed us in many ways on this tour.

Pastor Steve Hill and Dr. Dwaine Braddy served as co-hosts on this trip.  They gathered a wonderful group of “seniors” who were all real troopers! Many of of took advantage of some of the optional excursions, walks, and hikes (e.g. Arbel, Cave 1 at Qumran, walks in Jerusalem).

Western Wall, Jerusalem

Western Wall, Jerusalem

Based on my conversation with the group, the highlight of the trip was one of these several sites – Caesarea, Precipice of Nazareth, Sea of Galilee, Qatzrin, Dan, Capernaum, Shiloh, Jericho, the Mt. of Olives, Western Wall, Hezekiah’s Tunnel, and the Garden Tomb.

Shlomo, our guide, was once again exceptional.  His insights, musical ability, humor, and passion for the land were all evident.  People enjoyed him.

Hezekiah's tunnel

At the “meeting point” within Hezekiah’s Tunnel

As every trip is, this tour was one of “connecting the dots” between the world of archaeology, historical geography, and the Bible.  To read the Bible story “on site” has such an impact on everyone’s walk of faith.  This trip, like all, as life-transforming for many.  Meeting God here in Israel is such a special experience!

If God is calling you to join us for an upcoming trip to the land of the Bible, contact me anytime.

Garden Tomb

Garden Tomb in Jerusalem

As for me, I am staying an extra week or so to dig at Tel Gezer. It is an amazing archaeological site with many interesting things to discover, all from the Old Testament.  I hope to blog a few updates of the digs in the days to come.

Praise God for a great trip!

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