Garden Tomb

The Garden Tomb (Jerusalem)

Listen to a relatively recent interview that took place in the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem. I was interviewed by Gordon Govier, biblical archaeology correspondent for Christianity Today magazine and editor of Artifax magazine. This interview was made into a radio program for Gordon’s “The Book & the Spade” radio ministry ( Both the radio program and the Artifax magazine are wonderful resources for the person wanting to keep up with the world of biblical archaeology. I highly recommend both!

Book and the spade, Interview in Garden Tomb

The Book and the Spade is the name of Gordon Govier’s radio program

In the interview that took place with Gordon, you will hear me share what it is like to be on an Israel tour as well as learn more about the BIMT ministry.

The best place to listen to this recent podcast is on the new Biblical Israel Ministries & Tours phone/tablet app. Just type in BIMT in the App Store search bar.  This new app provides other resources related to Israel and the Bible.

If you don’t have a smart-phone or Ipad/tablet, you can listen to this interview on the link below.

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