western wall

The Western Wall of Jerusalem

Jerusalem is a special place. Many consider Jerusalem the center of the earth and even the eye of the universe. Visiting this ancient city is actually indescribable. It is a place of not only history dating back 1,000s of years, but it is also a place of spiritual specialness. Mentioned over 800 times in the Hebrew Scriptures, Jerusalem is a place where the likes of David, Solomon, Hezekiah, Nehemiah, and Jesus all walked.

For the millions of pilgrims visit Jerusalem each year, the city actually does feel as if it is the eye of the universe. A few years ago I was introduce to a song that I think captures what words can’t express about Jerusalem. In this short blog, I want to share with you a song artist named David Green. He goes by simply“Dovid.” He sings a passionate song about how special Jerusalem really is to him, especially touching the most sacred Western Wall

I really enjoy the song, and I hope you do too!

Jerusalem blessings!

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